Saturday, January 1, 2005

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Merry new year!!

Ah, it's good to be back from sabbatical!!

[Er, you posted three times during your so-called "sabbatical"--ed.] Yes, but it took a massive catastrophe for me to write two of those posts -- before that, there were whole days when I didn't think about blogs, didn't click on blogs, didn't care about blogs.

[So what were you doing instead?--ed.] Interacting with my children, traveling, writing, exulting in the fact that that Jason Varitek was re-signed & designated captain of the Red Sox, and perusing the latest issue of the American Political Science Review -- which for the first time in quite a while had multiple articles that were interesting to those who don't write about Congress. I suspect this speaks both to the APSR's renaissance under Lee Sigelman as editor and to my renewed commitment to read more outside my own little bailiwick of poli sci.

With regard to blogging, I have four New Year's resolutions:

1) Try to do better at blogging about new scholarly work in political science that connects to real-world events. In the past I have been afraid of "worlds colliding" on this front, but Eszter Hargittai is slowly convincing me that blogging and scholarship can be allies.

2) Be detached enough in my blogging to avoid incurring the wrath of either Matt Welch or Radley Balko -- both of whom have spanked certain quarters of the blogosphere for its "righter-than-thou" attitude. Balko in particular points out:

The most remarkable thing about blogs and the 2004 campaign was just how ready formerly independent voices on both sides were willing to spew out official campaign talking points, eschew criticism of their own guy, and otherwise fell into line in order to get their man elected.

3) Update the blogroll. There are some great blogs that I've been periodically checking out but haven't added. For example, I've got to add The American Scene to the blogroll -- they performed yoeman service guest-blogging at Andrew Sullivan's site for the past ten days. [It's up now--ed.] Hey, one resolution partially satisfied already!!

At the same time, there are other blogs on the list that I have not been reading as of late -- which says more about my tastes and preferences in all likelihood than any change in the quality of blogging. So, check out the blogroll over the next couple of days

4) Get linked to by Real Clear Politics more often -- man, those guys can drive some traffic!

Readers are hereby encouraged to write in their resolutions.

posted by Dan on 01.01.05 at 03:59 PM


Resolution #6 kinda applies.

posted by: The Lonewacko Blog on 01.01.05 at 03:59 PM [permalink]

Resolution? That's easy: Get linked to by this blog!

Happy New Year, and have a long and fruitful year of blogging (and, y'know, all that other unimportant stuff you do when you aren't blogging too, I guess)!

posted by: David Schraub on 01.01.05 at 03:59 PM [permalink]

Mine's simple. If blogging helps me, so be it. But here it is:Get a job.

posted by: Amanda Butler on 01.01.05 at 03:59 PM [permalink]

Dr. Drezner,

Could you please, please, please add one more resolution to that list:

--To add the 'Book of the Month' posts in the 'Book Recommendations' section or at least list them there!

Its a real hassel finding books you blogged about earlier in the year even using your search tool box. A link to such a list would be fantastic!

I wish you a great year of blogging!


posted by: Yogesh on 01.01.05 at 03:59 PM [permalink]

...otherwise fell into line in order to get their man elected.

How bizarre. Politics will never be the same.

posted by: chuck on 01.01.05 at 03:59 PM [permalink]

I'd like to recommend Thomas PM Barnett's weblog at . He's a former Naval War College professor who wrote a book called the Pentagon's New Map that describes the new strategic environment America faces. He's fair, smart, and experienced. His book is popular among the military and he briefs the one-stars and flags, so his point of view will probably become conventional wisdom in the years ahead. Highly recommended.

posted by: jared on 01.01.05 at 03:59 PM [permalink]


If you're looking for new blogs to add to your blogroll, may I humbly suggest the Daily Demarche (

A happy New Year to you and yours.

posted by: Smiley on 01.01.05 at 03:59 PM [permalink]

Happy. In this country we say Happy New Year.

posted by: Clarence Beaks on 01.01.05 at 03:59 PM [permalink]

Clarence: Forgive me for my English, which stinks.

Beef jerky??

posted by: Dan Drezner on 01.01.05 at 03:59 PM [permalink]

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