Friday, January 21, 2005

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Your personal ad of the week...

The following ad appeared this week in the Eye, an alternative weekly based in Toronto:


Wait, do you hear that sound? That must be the wails of anguish from women all across North America, upset that they do not live in Toronto and will therefore be unable to learn "the art of bedroom control." Especially when there are young women in Toronto who are myseriously declining this generous offer.

posted by Dan on 01.21.05 at 09:47 PM


Really? Hmmm. When I was working in radio a few years ago, Phones become something of a hobby of mine. From memory, then; 716 is western NY... Buffalo and surrounding, from the Falls down to the PA border, and basicly just east of Batavia, straight shot south.

566, is a commerical 'drop block' as I call them, and, if I recall rightly, is registered to the carrier called Paetec, though I admit I'm unsure about *that* one. They've got the whole 566 exchange, I think.

Point being, here that my guess is, milage wise, this guy doesn't plan on too far a drive. I guess if you wanna get laid and make money doing it, though....

posted by: Bithead on 01.21.05 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

So, who's it likely to be?


posted by: Jon H on 01.21.05 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

Yeah, I lived in Buffalo for a year, and that's the area code. I guess cross-border shopping continues.

posted by: Rachel on 01.21.05 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

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