Saturday, February 12, 2005

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My all time favorite Internet quiz

I think I can live with this result:

You scored as Curt Schilling.

You are Curt Schilling! You are a trooper. You push yourself to the limit, regardless of any setbacks. You are also not afraid to express your opinions on a variety of topics. Very family-oriented. You're the man!!

Curt Schilling


Theo Epstein


Jason Varitek


Johnny Damon


Kevin Millar


Manny Ramirez


David Ortiz


Mark Bellhorn


Which Red Sox Player Are You?
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posted by Dan on 02.12.05 at 12:23 AM


You are Johnny Damon!! You are very down-to-earth and like to joke around a lot. This is apparent through your appearance. You are known for looking unkempt, perhaps even caveman-like, but everyone loves you for it. Oh yea... Johnny is my homeboy!

Johnny Damon 67%
Mark Bellhorn 50%
David Ortiz 47%
Curt Schilling 47%
Jason Varitek 43%
Manny Ramirez 40%
Kevin Millar 37%
Theo Epstein 30%

Well, not exactly. But I'm a Cubs fan.

posted by: Andrew Steele on 02.12.05 at 12:23 AM [permalink]

I'm Mark Bellhorn, but I wanted to be Johnny Damon. Oh well....

posted by: Susan Paxton on 02.12.05 at 12:23 AM [permalink]

I smugly thought I would be Theo, or maybe Mueller, but sadly, inexplicably, I am Kevin Millar!

posted by: GoSox on 02.12.05 at 12:23 AM [permalink]

Hmm, after this week's events, if the Democratic Party was a Red Sox player it would be Chick Stahl.

And Howard Dean is the carbolic acid, so to speak.


posted by: SteveMG on 02.12.05 at 12:23 AM [permalink]

and, don't forget, you owe it all to god. [cue nelson from the simpson's: ha-ha]

posted by: jonk on 02.12.05 at 12:23 AM [permalink]

"Trooper?" Surely they mean "trouper." Unless Schilling rides a horse.

posted by: John Thacker on 02.12.05 at 12:23 AM [permalink]

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