Tuesday, February 15, 2005

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Handicapping the race for the WTO leadership

Because the hard-working staff here at danieldrezner.com has been focused on who the next World Bank president will be, we've ben remiss in discussing who will become the next Director-General of the World Trade Organization.

Fortunately, Michael C. Boyer, James G. Forsyth, and Jai Singh have an article in Foreign Policy that picks up the slack and handicaps the race. It's worth checking out.

One of the more intriguing elements of the jockeying for position is that one of the candidates -- Mauritian Foreign Minister Jaya Krishna Cuttaree -- has set up his own web site devoted entirely to his candidacy for the WTO position. No blog yet -- but give him time.

Finally, on the general topic of the cockeyed process of selecting people for leadership posts at various international economic organizations, do yourself a favor and go buy a copy of Miles Kahler's Leadership Selection in the Major Multilaterals.

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One contender has been in the news of late: Former MX Prez Zedillo accused of crimes against humanity

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From his webpage at http://www.jcuttaree.mu/bioeng.htm:

Dr Cuttaree is presently the deputy leader of his party, the Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM).

Sounds reassuring...

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