Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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There's the Planet Earth, and then there's Tulsa World

Via James Joyner, I see that the lawyers at Tulsa World have apparently lost their senses in dealing with a blogger named Michael Bates.

Click here and read the whole sordid story.

My favorite part is the claim by Tulsa World's lawyers in the letter sent to Bates that he "inappropriately linked [Bates'] website to Tulsa World content."

Man, imagine how inappropriate it would be to link to the e-mail of the good people who run Tulsa World.

posted by Dan on 02.16.05 at 10:23 AM


I doubt whether the guy who runs their website has much to do with the decision. I'd suggest the publisher, editor, and/or managing editor.

Due apparently to Insty, there are very many bloggers who've paid attention to this story, which was a bit predictable. It would be good if the pajamahideen would give a similar amount of their attention to things that matter a bit more in the larger context. For instance, I see from technorati that there are precisely three bloggers with links to that organization, yet many bloggers have no doubt commented on the problem the organization seeks to correct. I think there's something psychological at work here: "activists" and "pajamahideen" are in most cases not the same.

posted by: The Lonewacko Blog on 02.16.05 at 10:23 AM [permalink]

I sent them an email pointing out that the letter they sent to the blogger misstated copyright law, failing to take into account the "fair use" doctrine, and suggested that they get a new attorney.

posted by: Kirk H. Sowell on 02.16.05 at 10:23 AM [permalink]


Just curious how long your ancestors lived on this continent?

posted by: Matthew Cromer on 02.16.05 at 10:23 AM [permalink]

Hi Matt! I can tell where you're going with this, and, rather than hijacking this thread, come on over and read Welcome open borders apologists! or "Actors, writers and musicians want you to pay all the costs for their cheap labor".

The second link discusses the recent Variety ad in which a group of no-name celebs supported driver's licenses for illegal aliens. The ad was brought about with the help of CA state Sen. Gil Cedillo, frequent sponsor of bills to give DLs to IAs. Nowadays, he says it's for "public safety." However, his past involvement in MEChA and past statements like "[we should give DLs to IAs because] they were here first" give we smarties a clue to what he's really all about. Viva Aztlan, Matt.

posted by: The Lonewacko Blog on 02.16.05 at 10:23 AM [permalink]

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