Monday, February 28, 2005

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Interesting values quote of the day

The following quote comes from Jeanette Walls' source on the fact that Paris Hilton's Blackberry was hacked and its contents made public:

“It became obvious to her what was going on,” says the source. “She was pretty upset about it. It’s one thing to have people looking at your sex tapes, but having people reading your personal e-mails is a real invasion of privacy.” (emphasis added)


posted by Dan on 02.28.05 at 09:12 PM


It doesn't reflect well on me to know this without hesitation, but it was Paris Hilton's Sidekick, not Blackberry, whose content was made public. A small but unimportant distinction.

posted by: Jack Brounstein on 02.28.05 at 09:12 PM [permalink]

Believe it or not, that actually makes sense. While it's one thing to have your naked body revealed and your sexual proclivities (or at least some, I haven't seen the video in question), it's entirely another to have your private thoughts and feelings on display.

To rephrase the question, would you rather be seen naked for three minutes or be given "truth serum" and be exposed to public questioning for an indefinite period of time?

posted by: Klug on 02.28.05 at 09:12 PM [permalink]

I read a rumor somewhere that she actually makes money from the tapes. Anyone know if that's true?

posted by: praktike on 02.28.05 at 09:12 PM [permalink]

How revealng can emails be if they no multi-syllable words?

posted by: gene on 02.28.05 at 09:12 PM [permalink]

I managed to find a website with the hacked Blackberry. Recognized a small handful of names. Nothing better to reinforce my boredom with the younger generation.

One of these days I'll have to find a website that explains what all Blackberries do. I get the impression that email retrieval is only one feature.

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 02.28.05 at 09:12 PM [permalink]

Since I suspect she leaked the tapes herself, this makes perfect sense to me.

posted by: Independent George on 02.28.05 at 09:12 PM [permalink]

Actually Paris has had both her Sidekick & her Blackberry hacked, in separate incidents about a month apart. Blackberries can do SMS & high-end ones are also phones & general PDAs, but the main thing about them is you can get & send email pretty much anywhere, they aim for ubiquitous coverage. For some people this makes them addictive, hence the nickname "crackberry".


posted by: Tim Keller on 02.28.05 at 09:12 PM [permalink]

Wait a minute -- you mean to tell me Paris Hilton is a person? And that Paris Hilton is her real name?

This is actually quite helpful. Those half-overheard promos for a show called "The Simple Life" featuring Paris Hilton on a farm actually make sense to me now. At the time I thought Fox was so desperate they were trying to do a show about moving a hotel all the way from Europe in Iowa. It didn't make any sense, but this is Fox we're talking about. Also the ditzy stuff I'd read about meant one thing if Paris Hilton was a kind of nom de cinema, and quite another if she were a real person. Which she is, apparently, so this can't be just an act. Or, at least, not entirely an act.

So mankind progresses, moving ever upward.

posted by: Zathras on 02.28.05 at 09:12 PM [permalink]

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