Sunday, March 6, 2005

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Aloha again!!!

Back from Waikiki, but juuuuuuust a bit jet-lagged. Regular blogging will resume tomorrow.

In the meantime, Tom Maguire has an idea for how to topple the North Korean regime. Take a look at his proposal and let him know what you think.

posted by Dan on 03.06.05 at 04:54 PM


I don't know how to read this: Swiftian satire, Sunday Fun Link, or what.

It would take years or decades to vet 1,000,000 NKs, many of whom could be NK agents in disguise.

Perhaps he could discuss this with our friends to the south. They could translate their Guide for the Mexican Migrant into Korean, take a share of any remittances, etc. etc. But, I kid.

posted by: The Lonewacko Blog on 03.06.05 at 04:54 PM [permalink]

Oh, I am serious, but the concept is getting modified in the comments.

posted by: Tom Maguire on 03.06.05 at 04:54 PM [permalink]

I just got back from Hawaii also (Oahu, then Big Island). Wrote a brief article in Daily Eats about the Spam Musubi being the perfect nourishment for weblog authors. Did you have one over there, Daniel?

posted by: gruffbear on 03.06.05 at 04:54 PM [permalink]

The green card thing might or might not work, but what brought down East Germany was the fact that, according to the WEST German constitution, written after the war, any citizen of East Germany was automatically a citizen of West Germany, provided they could get there. In practice every East German who got over the wall automatically got a passport, enough money to live on for a few weeks, temporary accomodation in some disused barracks or other, and help in finding a job. Obviously it would be a huge committment for the South Koreans to do the same thing, but they certainly could if the will existed.

posted by: Martin Adamson on 03.06.05 at 04:54 PM [permalink]

What do I think?

Well, you were jet lagged, so I forgive you for the link.

I don't know what McGuire's excuse is.

posted by: Andrew on 03.06.05 at 04:54 PM [permalink]

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