Saturday, March 12, 2005

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Susan Estrich can't be this stupid

Via Virginia Postrel, I see that the Susan Estrich/Michael Kinsley feud has not abated (click here for my take on the triggering op-ed). James Rainey provides the latest account for the Los Angeles Times. Two interesting facts:

1) In the first nine weeks of this year, women penned 20.5% of the paper's op-ed columns, not including staff editorials, which do not carry bylines. That compared to the New York Times, with 17% women writers on its op-ed pages and the Washington Post with 10%.

2) Susan Estrich is losing her equilibrium: "As the controversy drags into a fourth week, Estrich continues to bounce from conciliation to confrontation. She seemed near tears in an interview, saying she never intended the fight to get so personal. She blamed the operators of her website for improperly posting comments about Kinsley's mental health and contended she didn't think e-mails to Drudge and others in the media would get into the public domain." (emphasis added)

This kind of thinking is on par with Sandy Berger thinking, "Yeah, I bet I can get away with taking some classified documents home without anyone the wiser."

posted by Dan on 03.12.05 at 12:14 AM


Estrich is probably trying to get work for herself. In her e-mails she complained about a non-feminist woman writing a column for the LA Times.

Estrich herself is a flack for the Democrats. According to Newsweek's election issue, she contacted the Kerry campaign for marching orders prior to a TV appearance.

I have to concede that Estrich can be correct once in a while. On election night she told Fox News that either the exit polls were wrong or Bush would lose. She was right, though not in the way she expected.

posted by: LesLein on 03.12.05 at 12:14 AM [permalink]

Having had Estrich as a professor at USC Law, I can confirm that Estrich can be this stupid - and as self absorbed as all this makes her out to be. The above post is right - she's just out to secure more work for herself. My initial reaction when all this started is that something has happened to threaten her cushy teach one course a year and talk five nights a week lifestyle.

posted by: scouser on 03.12.05 at 12:14 AM [permalink]

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