Monday, March 21, 2005

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How I'm spending tomorrow morning

What better way to spend a Tuesday morning (10-12 Eastern time) that to liveblog a Brookings Institution panel!!

[Was that, like, a real question or a rhetorical one? Because with the right person, I can think of an infinite combination of activities that might be superior--ed. It was a rhetorical question.]

Here's the deal:

Newspaper readership and television audiences are on the decline while the popularity of blogs and online news sources has steadily increased. The landscape of the American media is indisputably changing.

At this Brookings briefing, members of the "new" and "old" media will weigh in on the ever-evolving role of the press and the future of journalism. The discussion will focus on new mediums and practices in journalism and what impact these have had—and will continue to have—on the role and credibility of the traditional American media. In keeping with the spirit of this event, the discussion will be webcast and will be "live-blogged" by several prominent bloggers. Panelists will take questions from the audience and via e-mail following their remarks.

The panelists include Jodie T. Allen (Senior Editor, Pew Research Center), Ana Marie Cox (, Ellen Ratner (White House Correspondent, Talk Radio News Service), Jack Shafer (Editor-at-Large, Slate), and Andrew Sullivan

The livebloggers other than myself are Juan Cole (Informed Comment), Ed Morrissey (Captain's Quarters), Laura Rozen (War and Piece), Ruy Teixeira (Donkey Rising), and Josh Trevino (

Be sure to tune in tomorrow.

UPDATE: My live-blogging post is here.

posted by Dan on 03.21.05 at 06:35 PM


Gosh, you miss so many opportunities to score points with your wife. Like that picture could have been of your wife instead of Naomi Watts. You're never going to get Naomi Watts, so you might as well make her happy.

posted by: Jessica on 03.21.05 at 06:35 PM [permalink]

Naomi Watts? C'mon Professor Drezner. Couldn't you have thought of someone better? How about Halle Berry? Faye Wong? That woman who was formerly married to Mayor Newsom of San Francisco?

To Jessica, as beautiful as I'm sure Mrs. Drezner is, I'm sure she has enough brains to know that linking her photo in that sentence is the epitome of corn-dom.

By the way, you need to teach at UC Berkeley. There are three people (Vinod Aggarwal, John Zysman, and Steve Weber) who do IR here. Aggarwal is a complete asshole. Zysman is a rock star genius. And Weber is a favorite among all students. So that means our IR department effectively has only two people (a day of tears happened when Beth Simmons left). Chicago's weather sucks crab legs compared to Berkeley California anyway.

posted by: Dee on 03.21.05 at 06:35 PM [permalink]

On to the blondes? No more Salma???

posted by: bg on 03.21.05 at 06:35 PM [permalink]

Super. I'm looking forward to ignoring this conference on blogging just like I've ignored all the other ones.

posted by: Robert McClelland on 03.21.05 at 06:35 PM [permalink]

I'm leading the charge to delink any bloggers that organize blogging conferences that feature an appearance by Wonkette. Those blogging conference organizers that want to avoid being delinked should invite MaryMaryQuiteContrary instead.

posted by: The Lonewacko Blog on 03.21.05 at 06:35 PM [permalink]

Can someone explain to me why Wonkette ever became an authority on ANYTHING?

She's a glorified gossip columnist!

posted by: Brian on 03.21.05 at 06:35 PM [permalink]

Re Wonkette: Does anyone READ her blog (does she even have one anymore? you'd think she's too busy with all the celeblog appearances)? What are the numbers? Dan?? Anyone?

posted by: Kelli on 03.21.05 at 06:35 PM [permalink]

Can someone explain to me why Wonkette ever became an authority on ANYTHING?

Can someone explain to me why people like InstaPundit, Daily Kos, Andrew Sullivan, Kevin Drum became authorities on anything ? Most of they dont' have any special expertise in any area, although they are all bright, opinionated people. Incidentally, Wonkette has a few graduate degrees too.

She's a glorified gossip columnist!

So ? Who's to say that the Web doesn't have room for a good gossip columnist ?

posted by: erg on 03.21.05 at 06:35 PM [permalink]

Consider me another one who immediately tunes out any forum that features Wonkette as a serious contributor. The comment about glorified gossiper is right on, but the other reason she gained fame was she was a high profile liberal blogger that was unthreatening to the networks.

posted by: Cutler on 03.21.05 at 06:35 PM [permalink]


posted by: asda on 03.21.05 at 06:35 PM [permalink]

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