Wednesday, April 20, 2005

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Gone talkin'.... so go read Brad Setser

I'm on the road in DC giving a talk at Georgetown, so blogging may be limited for the next few days.

However, be sure to read this Brad Setser post that follows up on my previous post regarding tactical issue linkage with China on the exchange rate question. Brad offers some additional possibilities, some of which I had thought of and some of which I hadn't and find very intriguing.

posted by Dan on 04.20.05 at 11:40 AM


dan -- for some reason the link back to my post is not working, even tho my blog is up and seems to be running. FYI.

posted by: brad on 04.20.05 at 11:40 AM [permalink]

The link is here. It was missing the 'L' from HTML.

posted by: fling93 on 04.20.05 at 11:40 AM [permalink]

Whoops -- the link has been fixed.

posted by: Dan Drezner on 04.20.05 at 11:40 AM [permalink]

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