Thursday, May 5, 2005

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Raking in the big blog bucks

Glenn Reynolds and Roger L. Simon speculate about the big bucks that could be blowing towards the blogosphere's.

I too, am feeling the warm rush of riches being thrown my way. Why, less than ten minues ago, I received the following e-mail from someone at the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles:

I like your blog. It has great information,
good stories and lively conversation. We are re-launching our web site with
brand new interactive features such as our Jewish LA Guide-- a one-stop web
hub for all of our visitors’ Jewish needs.

To promote and increase traffic to the site, we are sponsoring a give away
of an Apple IPod during the month of June 2005. The winner will be picked
at random on July 1, 2005. We would like you to consider posting a link to
our site or pasting the PR piece below on your blog. I know our site will
interest many of your visitors, and nothing will catch their eye faster than
a free IPod. As a thank you, we will send you a $10 gift certificate to
. (emphasis added).

That's right..... ten dollars. [Sounds better if you say it like Dr. Evil--ed.].

I can already envision being part of Mickey Kaus's tax position!

posted by Dan on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM


I'm rethinking an academic career after grad school, now that I know that my price for selling out will be a $10 gift certificate...

posted by: Bob McGrew on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM [permalink]

Heh. When I ordered a white chocolate mocha today, they told me that they ran out. So they gave me another drink instead -- for free. It made me happy enough to share that story today.

posted by: Robert Tagorda on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM [permalink]

Maybe $10 of free coffee is nothing for a big shot professor like you, but it makes a big difference to a law student like me during finals! If it's such a paltry sum to you, why don't you just send it my way and there will be pareto optimal outcome!

posted by: dellis on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM [permalink]

HA! Your $10 of free coffee is NOTHING compared to the amount of alcohol you'll consume when you're finished.

posted by: jim dandy on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM [permalink]

These stupid iPod give aways get me so upset. The whole rage these days it to buy one dinky little gadget and give it away for free in exchange for someone doing your work. This lady at work was in charge of writing a paper but instead of thinking of some clever material she spent a few weeks preparing some survey and gifts to try to get some clever responses.

Just this morning I read about some site that's set up to have people try and hack IIS (whatever the latest version is). These competitions typically require you to disclose how you hacked the site in order to win the prize. They were giving away an Xbox--wow, what's that worth, $150? Knowing a breakin to IIS that no one else does is worth a heck of a lot more than $150.

The local Dairy Queen and a dozen other places have had iPod give aways (sometimes even just the cheap iPod minis). And they're never even a couple or a bunch; normally they just give one measly unit away.

Anyway, I haven't participated in any of thse stupid iPod give aways and I try to not to even give business to those have them.

Anyway. just had to vent. Happy cinco de mayo!

posted by: DD's blog rocks on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM [permalink]

My alter ego Lonewacko asks: Why not go all the way and run a cam site? More income, and you'd be doing the same thing.

But seriously, as the Big Bloggers get bigger and start raking in the big dough, all they'll become is just smaller versions of the MSM.

And, I don't think political blogging is exactly the road to riches.

I see that Simon gets 12,000 visits per day. He sells two regular blog ads for 100/wk and a premium blog ad for 300/wk. He doesn't appear to have a premium ad right now. He's got adsense, but it's displaying ads for Plus Size clothing. A few other adsense ads didn't look too inviting either, and I'm going to hazard a guess that's not doing as well as it could.

Maybe he's making 2k/mo. I've heard tales of people making more than that in a day with adsense alone.

posted by: HuffAndBlow: the celebrity group blog on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM [permalink]

I understand they made an offer to Kristol for a link on the Weekly Standard website.

Offered him his choice of either Guam or one of the Cayman Islands.

Should've supported Bush, Daniel.

Dammed neocons get everything.


posted by: SteveMG on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM [permalink]

$10 will buy you, what, two cups of Saint Arbucks?

posted by: bithead on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM [permalink]

Wait till the first high profile political blogger get audited. It'll happen sooner or later, under some administration. That's going to start the cyber world on fire.

posted by: Mark Buehner on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM [permalink]

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posted by: Cranky Observer on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM [permalink]

Reads to me like your post on JLA Guide would be no charge. The gift certificate is a gratuity.

(i m sucha killjoy)

posted by: wishIwuz2 on 05.05.05 at 05:13 PM [permalink]

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