Friday, May 6, 2005

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Aloha..... again

My brother is getting married next week.... in Maui. And gosh darn it, if the Drezner clan has no choice but to head out to Maui in order to demonstrate a little family solidarity, so be it!

[You in Hawaii...that sounds familiar--ed. Yes, but that was for business; this is for family. It's like apples and oranges... or mangoes and papayas, if you will.]

Anyway, for my loyal readers, I've arranged for some stimulating guest-bloggers for this upcoming week while I perform my arduous best-man duties. The idea came after my own guest stint at Kevin Drum's Political Animal (which Kevin ably summarizes here). Many of the commenters over there lamented that no conservative blog had extended a similar courtesy to a liberal blogger.

So.... in the interest of fair play, I've invited some extremely smart liberals to blog here for the week. Let me introduce them:

Suzanne Nossel is a Senior Fellow at the Security and Peace Institute. She served as Deputy to the Ambassador for UN Management and Reform at the US Mission to the United Nations from 1999 – 2001 under Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke. There she represented the U.S. in the UN’s General Assembly negotiating a deal to settle the U.S.’s arrears to the world body. Prior to that Suzanne served as a Consultant at McKinsey & Company and as a staff attorney at Children’s Rights Inc. During the early 1990s Suzanne worked in Johannesburg, South Africa on the implementation of South Africa’s National Peace Accord, a multi-party agreement aimed at curbing political violence during that country’s transition to democracy. Ms. Nossel has done election monitoring and human rights documentation in Bosnia and Kosovo. She is also the author of Presumed Equal: What America’s Top Women Lawyers Really Think About Their Firms (Career Press, 1998). She writes frequently on foreign policy topics, and a list of her articles appears here. She is part of the group blog Democracy Arsenal. Ms. Nossel is currently an executive in New York City, where she lives with her husband David Greenberg and her son Leo.

That David Greenberg fellow will also be guest-blogging here:

David Greenberg is an assistant professor of Journalism and Media Studies and History at Rutgers University. His first book, Nixon's Shadow: The History of an Image (W.W. Norton, 2003), won the American Journalism History Award, the Washington Monthly Annual Political Book Award, and the Columbia University Bancroft Dissertation Award. Greenberg has previously served as an assistant to Bob Woodward, and as managing editor and acting editor of The New Republic. He has written for many scholarly and popular publications including The New Yorker, The New York Times Book Review, The Atlantic Monthly, Foreign Affairs and The Journal of American History. He is also the author of the "History Lesson" column at Slate.

A farewell warning to my readers -- Nossel and Greenberg are liberals, and they're going to have some different takes on politics and foreign policy than I. Feel free to challenge them with your comments -- but no threats of bodily harm, OK?

posted by Dan on 05.06.05 at 09:17 PM


Hey: when you gotta go to Hawaii, you gotta go. Think of the children! Mazel tov and aloha!

posted by: Elle Wiz on 05.06.05 at 09:17 PM [permalink]

Dan: "Many of the commenters over there lamented that no conservative blog had extended a similar courtesy to a liberal blogger."

OK, they must be pretty far-Left if to them you're "conservative" enough to actually be called a "conservative blogger"...

posted by: b-psycho on 05.06.05 at 09:17 PM [permalink]

While I'll note the intentions are great, and debate across political lines is interesting and worthwhile. I agree with the above poster, if he was really serious he could have picked a more committed Conservative (not that there's anything wrong with moderates or anything) to present the 'Conservative view'.

I suspect that Drum was afraid the heads of his readers would explode, just looking at their reaction to your first post.

posted by: Cutler on 05.06.05 at 09:17 PM [permalink]

Gotta give K. Drum credit though... for the most part, he did a really good job policing his own comments section. The best was this comment, and Drum's reply two comments later.

Anyway: good idea Dan! Can't wait to read the guest-bloggers' posts.

posted by: scrub on 05.06.05 at 09:17 PM [permalink]

..and, I suppose, because KD owes you 1

posted by: wishIwuz2 on 05.06.05 at 09:17 PM [permalink]

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