Wednesday, May 11, 2005

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Relax, Dan, and Enjoy Hawai'i

Dan has very cleverly dated his "public service message" Sunday, May 15 so it will remain atop the blog. Good thinking. My apologies to readers tuning in and being disappointed on finding a liberal foreign policy expert and a liberal journalist and historian opining instead. But we appreciate your indulgence.

Dan, sorry if we're hurting your hits and page views. I do appreciate the chance to keep your chair warm. Remember: Carson always recovered after David Brenner or Joan Rivers sat in.

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Could you please stop with these silly remarks about how you "liberals" have to deal with Dan's "conservative" readers?

I'm liberal, and I regularly read Dan's blog because it's informative and interesting even though I often don't share his conclusions.

I'm sure the readership here is much more diverse than you think -- mostly because lots of fellow political scientists read his blog, and remember: most academic polsci people are liberals after all!

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