Wednesday, May 25, 2005

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Why I've never trusted my parents' milkman...

Below is a photo of me, my brother and the other groomsmen at my brother's wedding:


Can you guess which one is my brother? There is a hidden clue, but on similarity of appearances I would wager there's no chance in hell anyone will get it right.

This fact, by the way, amuses my brother and I no end.

I promise to post an answer in 24 hours.

UPDATE: Answer below the fold

Congrats to those who either figured out that my brother has the white rose in his tuxedo -- or Googled to find an answer.

Oddly enough, we looked much more alike when we were children.

posted by Dan on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM


Your brother is on the end wearing the red rose?

Tall dude! Tall mailman?

posted by: tom-e-lee on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

Or the white rose is for the groom?

I do love a mystery.

posted by: tom-e-lee on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

The follicle-challenged dude on your right (the end, next to you). I hope he is not reading this.

If I get it right, do I get a prize?

posted by: Minh-Duc on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

The white rose.

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

Tallest one, far right.

posted by: Jeremy on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

It's definitely the guy to Dan's left (or from our point of view to the right of Dan). The groom would be wearing a different color flower from the groomsmen.

posted by: Ricky Barnhart on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

Yeah, the guy with the white rose. It's the shape of his head- it looks like a wider version of Dan's.

posted by: rosignol on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

The guy to the right of Dan because in a photo taken of an occasion like this, you'd put the brothers in the middle.

posted by: bg on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

the tall guy to the right of the photo

posted by: lewsar on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]


posted by: PAM on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

Everyone's got to stop causing suspicion around Dan's parents Esther and David.

There were three groomsmen and a groom in order from L to R: Gregg, Dan, Jay (groom) and Kirke

Not bad, eh, Dan?

posted by: Jason on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

I've always wondered myself about this. You and Jay look nothing alike. But the real question is - who is the milkman's son???

posted by: Pam (the bride) on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

Do you guys take requests? Sing "Wait Until The Sun Shines, Nellie"!

posted by: norbizness on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

Well, I thought it was the other guy with the red rose, but after glancing at others' comments, I realize my analytical skills aren't so sharp before 11am. The dude with the white rose is your bro.
Good to see you at our humble agency the other day, Dan...
Am passing your blog along to IEEE who are doing a spot on blogs in their newsletter.

posted by: Carmen on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

Hm, who are you first ? ! And: "this fact amuses my brother and ME.

Strange - I do not know how to spell 5+ letter words, but I go nuts over the spelling of 4- letter ones.

posted by: Nitpicker on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

Nitpicker: yeah, some over-educated people have an aversion to ever using the word "me."

posted by: cc on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

It was Mr. Green with the Candlestick in the Conservatory!

posted by: bob on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

It's really not that odd for siblings to look quite different. You could tell the other three guys in the picture to amscray, put me and my two brothers in there with you, and I doubt anybody who doesn't already know the parties involved would be able to spot the odd duck. (Sorry for the unfortunate phraseology, Dan)

Anyway, the little grey cell inform me that the groom and the brother (best man, right?) would go in the center, and the groom would have a different color flower.

posted by: uh_clem on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

Mystery solved.

The answers are always out there.

posted by: pslade on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

Its the eyes, they are a dead giveaway...

posted by: bp32 on 05.25.05 at 11:10 PM [permalink]

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