Friday, July 8, 2005

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Sunday night, or what you will

From the Associated Press:

James Henry Smith was a zealous Pittsburgh Steelers fan in life, and even death could not keep him from his favorite spot: in a recliner, in front of a TV showing his beloved team in action.

Smith, 55, of Pittsburgh, died of prostate cancer Thursday. Because his death wasn't unexpected, his family was able to plan for an unusual viewing Tuesday night.

The Samuel E. Coston Funeral Home erected a small stage in a viewing room, and arranged furniture on it much as it was in Smith's home on game day Sundays.

Smith's body was on the recliner, his feet crossed and a remote in his hand. He wore black and gold silk pajamas, slippers and a robe. A pack of cigarettes and a beer were at his side, while a high-definition TV played a continuous loop of Steelers highlights.

"I couldn't stop crying after looking at the Steeler blanket in his lap," said his sister, MaryAnn Nails, 58. "He loved football and nobody did (anything) until the game went off. It was just like he was at home."

Readers are free to interpret the story as an example of:

A) The ne plus ultra of fan devotion;
B) A sign of the cultural apocalypse;
C) A future growth field for the funeral industry.
D) A scene that really, really should have been in Shaun of the Dead

Me, I'm still trying to stop laughing.

posted by Dan on 07.08.05 at 04:31 PM


Well, as a native Pittsburgher, I was surprised only by the fact that no Steeler-loving family had done something like this sooner. So I'll go with (A) and (D), I suppose.

posted by: Jeremy B. on 07.08.05 at 04:31 PM [permalink]

So where is (E) All of the Above or--worse--(F) None of the Above?

posted by: Gaijin on 07.08.05 at 04:31 PM [permalink]

A is the only correct answer.

If Big Ben can avoid a sophomore slump it will be a Super Bowl year.

The dead will rise in Pittsburgh!

posted by: save_the_rustbelt on 07.08.05 at 04:31 PM [permalink]

I hope no one in my family sees this article. Hide it. But of course, I don't smoke.

posted by: jim rhoads on 07.08.05 at 04:31 PM [permalink]

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