Monday, July 11, 2005

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You can feel the Euromentum!!

Never mind that France and the Netherlands rejected the EU constitution last month -- it's back on track now!!. Sarah Laitner explains in the Financial Times:

Luxembourg on Sunday threw the slimmest of lifelines to the European Union's ailing constitution, when the tiny grand duchy voted in favour of the treaty resoundingly rejected by France and the Netherlands.

The decision keeps alive the European ambitions of Jean-Claude Juncker, Luxembourg's veteran prime minister, who threatened to quit if he lost the vote.

Luxembourgers supported the constitution by 56.5 per cent to 43.5 per cent in the referendum, a slightly larger margin of victory than government officials had expected.

"This is a very important vote for Luxembourg," said a relieved Mr Juncker. "The message that has emerged from our vote is that the constitution is not dead."....

"The result means the constitutional treaty will remain on the European agenda," Mr Juncker claimed. "It will have an influence on the various debates and arguments that will be heard in other member states."

The Luxembourg vote, the 13th country to ratify the treaty, also gives renewed life to Mr Juncker's ambitions of high office in Brussels.

An influential figure in European affairs, the prime minister is thought to covet the role of permanent president of the European Council, representing the EU's 450m citizens - if the post is created.

Given that neither the French nor the Dutch seem to be suffering from voter's remorse, I'd say the EU constitution has as much mojo right now as..... Joementum.

Indeed, this definition of Joementum perfectly captures Juncker's plight.

posted by Dan on 07.11.05 at 12:42 AM


The Big Mo it's not, but it is part of the positioning for whatever comes next. How much tinkering gets done depends a great deal on whether the final score is 23-2 in favor, or 18-7, or 13-12. This last score is as low as it can go, since Luxembourg is the 13th member state to vote in favor.

posted by: Doug on 07.11.05 at 12:42 AM [permalink]

Didn't, umm, Malta also just ratify the treaty?

posted by: Matt on 07.11.05 at 12:42 AM [permalink]

It is kind of ironic that the only part of Lieberman's campaign that actually had Joementum was the phrase "Joementum" itself.

posted by: Dan Fan on 07.11.05 at 12:42 AM [permalink]

Yes, Malta was No. 12, with parliamentary ratification passing on July 6.

posted by: Doug on 07.11.05 at 12:42 AM [permalink]

Has Andorra ratified? Liechtenstein? What way did Grand Fenwick wote on the Eu Constitution?

posted by: Don on 07.11.05 at 12:42 AM [permalink]

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