Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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Your surreal online moment for today

In the middle of an online Q&A on CAFTA with U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman -- run by the White House, no less -- the following exchange took place:

Andrew, from Salem, Oregon writes:
Being the Trade Representative for the United States of America, would you trade a 1909 Honus Wagner for a Yogi Berra Baseball Greats Holo Card issued by Kellogs in the 80's?

Rob Portman
Is this a trick question? Iím a big fan of Yogiís, but the answer is no, not a chance. Now do you feel better about me negotiating trade agreements?

posted by Dan on 07.19.05 at 12:07 AM


Yes I do feel better about Mr Portman negotiating trade agreements.

posted by: Huggy on 07.19.05 at 12:07 AM [permalink]

From what I hear, we'll all have a little while to think about this. Dennis Hastert is reported to have agreed to put off a House vote on CAFTA until after the August Congressional recess. At this point the odds are against House approval, so waiting until September seems a prudent step.

posted by: Zathras on 07.19.05 at 12:07 AM [permalink]

In recent news:

"Good Reasons To Reject CAFTA": ...With CAFTA, as with its membership in NAFTA and the World Trade Organization, America will surrender more of its sovereignty as a nation and its states' rights to outside tribunals...

"CAFTA undermines immigration laws": What those provisions mean is that a foreign company would be empowered under CAFTA to challenge the validity of our immigration laws. If an international tribunal rules against us, Congress would then be forced to change our immigration laws or face international trade sanctions. These tribunals have the authority to rule that U.S. immigration limits, visa requirements, or even licensing requirements and zoning rules are "unnecessary burdens to trade" that act as "restrictions on the supply of a service." This hidden legislation to open the U.S. border is only the beginning...

Also see this.

posted by: The Lonewacko Blog on 07.19.05 at 12:07 AM [permalink]

Never underestimate the rate of appreciation of a well preserved holo card.

posted by: Michael Carroll on 07.19.05 at 12:07 AM [permalink]

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