Wednesday, August 3, 2005

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"Where do you find the time to blog?"

This is the question I field the most when the topic of blogging comes up at cocktail parties and BBQs.

The answer is embedded in this CNN story:

Broadband Internet surfers in North America watch two fewer hours of television per week than do those without Internet access, while those using a dial-up connection watch 1.5 fewer hours of TV.

The data come from a Forrester Research study released Tuesday that uses what it calls the longest-running survey of its kind, counting nearly 69,000 people in the U.S. and Canada as participants.

Broadband Internet users watch just 12 hours of TV per week, compared with 14 hours for those who are offline, according to the study, "The State of Consumers and Technology: Benchmark 2005."

The Forrester page is of little use for those of us who aren't Forrester clients, but if you click on the video, you learn an interesting fact: according to their survey, only 2% of households in the United States read a blog once a week.

I should note that my lovely wife has a different answer to the title question -- "it's the time he would otherwise have used to pick up his socks."

posted by Dan on 08.03.05 at 04:56 PM


Are you saying that it only takes you two hours per week to post to the blog? I would have imagined that a lot more went into it than that. What about time spent commuting thinking about topics? Time spent surfing to research topics? And what about the time spent tossing socks across the room?

posted by: Ernie Oporto on 08.03.05 at 04:56 PM [permalink]

Search for intelligent life on earth has now been confirmed. bloggers get it.

posted by: Robert M on 08.03.05 at 04:56 PM [permalink]

Statistics lie and liars figure eh? This is one of those numbers that get bantered about without any substantiation. Two hours less TV than average? Well perhaps for a "personal blog," but for those who write about world events, politics and other current concerns spend a lot of time on-line researching their subject. Some of us watch barely watch TV. Too busy bloggin'!

posted by: NOTR on 08.03.05 at 04:56 PM [permalink]

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