Friday, August 5, 2005

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My Normblog profile

Norman Geras has added me to his long list of profiles.

If you're dying to know my favorite proverb or my one useful piece of life wisdom, go check it out

posted by Dan on 08.05.05 at 09:12 AM


Great interview. I liked especially the leisure time question, and Dan's answer.

posted by: Zathras on 08.05.05 at 09:12 AM [permalink]

Mentioning Istanbul, my native city, as one of the places to live, is a great answer. Second best would be Montesquieu's quote.

posted by: Atilla on 08.05.05 at 09:12 AM [permalink]

You're even better than I had thought! Kudos for speaking out so far outside of the academic leftstream.

posted by: Bill on 08.05.05 at 09:12 AM [permalink]

Great profile. And a Sox fan, to boot! I'll have to agree with you on the bed thing, as well.

posted by: Giacomo on 08.05.05 at 09:12 AM [permalink]

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