Tuesday, August 9, 2005

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Your new blog for the day

Through rigorous market surveys, the hard working staff here at danieldrezner.com knows that its readership wants to find blogs discussing foreign aid and economic development. [Well, that and the occasional mention of Salma Hayek--ed]

Without further ado, click over to Private Sector Development Blog, an inelegantly-named but interesting read by Tim Harford and Pablo Halkyard, two economists at the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (that's the bank with the Bank that lends to private sector entities).

This post links to a new study on health care in India that concludes:

[T]he gap between what doctors do and what they know responds to incentives: Doctors in the fee-for-service private sector are closer in practice to their knowledge frontier than those in the fixed-salary public sector. Under-qualified private sector doctors, even though they know less, provide better care on average than their better-qualified counterparts in the public sector. These results indicate that to improve medical services, at least for poor people, there should be greater emphasis on changing the incentives of public providers rather than increasing provider competence through training.

Go check out the blog.

posted by Dan on 08.09.05 at 05:08 PM


Thank you, Daniel. We'll try to think of a better title...

posted by: Tim Harford on 08.09.05 at 05:08 PM [permalink]

*Phew* We had gone quite a while without any Hayek-blogging, Dan. I was getting worried.

posted by: Minipundit on 08.09.05 at 05:08 PM [permalink]

Second the previous comment, more Selma please.

posted by: Blaine on 08.09.05 at 05:08 PM [permalink]

Great recommendation. To that I would add Johan Norberg's blog http://www.johannorberg.net/ Lots of good free market info. (Another bad blog name though. I mean, who would name a blog after himself?)


posted by: paul on 08.09.05 at 05:08 PM [permalink]

More Salma Hayek, less Friedrich Hayek, please. ;)

posted by: John Steven on 08.09.05 at 05:08 PM [permalink]

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