Thursday, August 11, 2005

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I've got my red phone... what about you?

Earlier this week, India and Pakistan announced confidence-building measures tp prevent nuclear war, which include "hotlines between their foreign secretaries and director generals of military operations next month to prevent misunderstandings and reduce risks of mishaps." according to Pakistan's Daily Times.

Yesterday, North Korea and South Korea announced that theu had "successfully tested a hotline on Wednesday aimed at helping avoid naval confrontations in the Yellow Sea by allowing direct contact between the two militaries," according to Reuters.

Quick, before hotlines jump the shark, readers are strongly encouraged to suggest the next pair of enduring rivals that should acquire a hotline.... and no, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie do not count.

posted by Dan on 08.11.05 at 12:29 AM


Duh. Red Sox & Yankees. Now the only problem is where to put it, Yankee and Fenway, the offices of the GM's, the owners' places, or permanently attached to George Steinbrenner and connected to the BoSox of the moment...

posted by: Tom on 08.11.05 at 12:29 AM [permalink]

Howard Dean and reality

posted by: kevin on 08.11.05 at 12:29 AM [permalink]

Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac

posted by: Lewis Maskell on 08.11.05 at 12:29 AM [permalink]

George Bush and his brain?

posted by: save_the_rustbelt on 08.11.05 at 12:29 AM [permalink]

Michael Moore and Ann Coulter

And Bush doesn't need a hotline to his own brain... that wouldn't help much. Just to anyone who realizes the government should not be run as a pork-dispensing my guy right or wrong fraternity.

posted by: Peter on 08.11.05 at 12:29 AM [permalink]

On a somewhat related note, earlier today Pakistan tested its first cruise missile, without informing India. This would seem to violate their new agreement, which is less than one week old. But Pakistan claims since this was a guided missile, it is not covered by the agreement. While I am no military expert, does anyone know of an "unguided" missile?

posted by: KXB on 08.11.05 at 12:29 AM [permalink]

The agreement between Pakistan and India covered ballistic missiles, not "guided" or "unguided" missles, as KXB suggests above. Thus, Pakistan claims that testing a cruise missile, which follows terrain rather than using a ballistic trajectory, without notifying India was not a violation of the agreement. It does seem to violate the spirit of the agreement, as well as the spirit of the hot-line project. But that's the point of the extended dialog...both sides need to figure out how to build confidence between themselves and the norms of behavior.

posted by: Seth on 08.11.05 at 12:29 AM [permalink]

University of Chicago and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

posted by: No von Mises on 08.11.05 at 12:29 AM [permalink]

Democratic Underground and LGF.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Dread Justice Roberts and NARAL.

Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields.

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 08.11.05 at 12:29 AM [permalink]


I'm not sure you noticed. But the Pakistanis just conducted a missile test, without using that red phone.

That was a cruise missile, they say, not a ballistic one and hence does not quite require them ring the hotline. Splitting hairs, of course.

posted by: Nitin on 08.11.05 at 12:29 AM [permalink]

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