Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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A Thin Reed

I understand John Roberts is not an easy target. But isn't this reaching just a bit?

Every now and then -- I have no idea why -- one of my own jokes bombs. I limit the damage by never putting too much effort into them. Bruce Reed, for whose new blog at Slate I have high hopes, clearly takes a different approach; researching Roberts' prep school record is way more work than I would have done just to get a laugh. And if he was serious....well, I doubt that.

In any event since Reed was writing for Slate and not working for NARAL, the NAACP or one of the other organizations Zell Miller calls "the groups," there is no danger that his musings on what the 17-year-old Roberts' opposition to co-ed education portended for the Supreme Court will show up in slightly altered form in one of Pat Leahy's or Ted Kennedy's statements to the Judiciary Committee next month. I don't think.

posted by Joseph Britt on 08.17.05 at 11:57 AM


It sounded like reaching to me when I read it in the Post, but then I read the Slate article.

Those are some pretty good precedents they cite, and I have to agree that at the very least, Hamdan's lawyer should've been told about the interviews, so that he could move for recusal if he wished.

A good test for "appearance of impropriety" is this: put yourself in Hamdan's shoes, and decide how you feel about one of the judges' angling for a job offer from the guy you're suing.

posted by: Anderson on 08.17.05 at 11:57 AM [permalink]

Oops, I thought you meant this Slate article.

But your post makes much more sense now!

posted by: Anderson on 08.17.05 at 11:57 AM [permalink]

Boy howdy, I should hope so! You had me scrambling to check the link; as I told Dan when he first asked me to do this I am no technophobe, but am kind of a technoklutz. Glad it was just a misunderstanding.

posted by: Zathras on 08.17.05 at 11:57 AM [permalink]

Actually, John Roberts is a very easy target...

Easy to defeat too...

Roberts hasn't a clue as to what a court system is
about. Or why we even have courts.

posted by: James on 08.17.05 at 11:57 AM [permalink]


Care to elaborate?

posted by: Appalled Moderate on 08.17.05 at 11:57 AM [permalink]

Sheesh, James, I'm all for defeating the guy if proper & practical, but what exactly is the point of that comment?

posted by: Anderson on 08.17.05 at 11:57 AM [permalink]

Don't feed the troll!

posted by: asg on 08.17.05 at 11:57 AM [permalink]

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