Tuesday, September 6, 2005

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I'd blog more if it wasn't for that darn Jacuzzi-tusion

In honor of the the 10-year anniversary of Cal Ripken's breaking Lou Gehrig's iron-man streak in baseball, Jayson Stark has an amusing column at ESPN.com on his "favorite injuries, calamities or miscellaneous excuses for missing games during Ripken's fabled streak."

Go check them out -- my two favorites:

  • [Atlanta Braves pitcher] Pascual Perez missed a start because he couldn't find the stadium, drove 100 miles on a loop freeway around Atlanta, circled the city two hours, missed his exit five times.

  • Reds pitcher Johnny Ruffin hurt his knee watching television.
  • I was convinced that last one had to be a misprint, but I stumbled across this fine Peter Gammons column on Ripken that mentioned the same injury:

    Cincinnatiís Johnny Ruffin was unavailable to pitch when he sat down on a couch in the players' lounge to watch television and his knee popped out of joint.

    posted by Dan on 09.06.05 at 04:21 PM


    Hey, I once rented a car in Mexico City and spent several hours circling randomly, easily missing my exit 5 times, because I just couldn't figure out how the offramps worked.

    posted by: trotsky on 09.06.05 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

    Hey, I tore something in my knee getting out of a chair at lunch once. It hurt for months.

    posted by: Dylan on 09.06.05 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

    Living near the Atlanta area, I find Perez's excuse to be quite believable.

    One injury I'm surprised didn't make the list: Rickey Henderson once missed an August game due to frostbite. (He had fallen asleep while wearing an ice pack.)

    posted by: Firebug on 09.06.05 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

    Back in the late 1980's or early 1990's, an Astro minor league pitcher missed time because of an injury suffered playing miniature golf. It was actually a legitimate injury, though; he was leaning on his putter and it apparently snapped down the middle, leaving him with a long gash in his arm that required stitches. Still, I bet he took a lot of ribbing because he got hurt playing mini-golf.

    posted by: Tom on 09.06.05 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

    I believe the Perez story. Anyone new to Atlanta trying to negotiate traffic here arrives on time at his destination by dumb luck, and by dumb luck only.

    posted by: Zathras on 09.06.05 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

    I once had to climb up a shaky ladder to finish roofing a porch before a rain storm arrived... one hour after having fallen through rotting scaffolding and landing flat on my lower back on pavers.

    I thought both my lower back and arm were broken.
    I finished the job and then crawled into bed. Thereafter I wasn't able to even type for 5 weeks.

    Needless to say I didn't have health insurance.

    Needfull to say... what I accomplished that day makes Ripken's fun little streak look exactly like what it is: Mere childern's play worshipped by other children.

    Which is also to say... the true heros in this world aren't found on playing fields, however, the true sychophants of this world are definitely found in the stands.

    posted by: koreyel on 09.06.05 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

    I have a new hero

    posted by: Johnny Upton on 09.06.05 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

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