Thursday, September 15, 2005

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"Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Northwestern!!"

The title of this post was my lovely wife's reaction upon reading that the University of Chicago is one of the Seven Wonders of Chicago -- at least, according to readers of the Chicago Tribune

The other six are the Lakefront, Wrigley Field, the "L", the Sears Tower, the Water Tower, and the Museum of Science and Industry.

I explained to my wife that Northwestern is, technically, in Evanston. She continues to insist that they smoke it.

posted by Dan on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM


What nobody noticed that an alien spaceship landed in the middle of Soldier's Field. If that's not a wonder I don't really know what is.

posted by: Steve on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

Steve: Actually, I noticed this a year ago

posted by: Dan Drezner on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

Chicago, where fun goes to die!

Well that's why it's my dream for grad school, not undergrad..

posted by: John Kneeland on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

I actually received an e-mail from the alumni association asking me to go vote.

posted by: Phil on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

So any thoughts on undergrads who are having fun at UC?

posted by: Richard Heddleson on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

So, how's that football team coming along?

posted by: Bob McHenry on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

You are right someone is smoking something.

posted by: Robert M on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

My choice: the "ski hill" that reportedly rises a whopping 100' feet above the vast flatness. Chicago would be a tremendous city if it had some slight degree of topographic variety.

posted by: Katrina Coverage on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

I'm just glad the hot dog didn't win.

posted by: Andrew Steele on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

I had a boss who went to U of C.

His comment about the movie "My Best Friends
Wedding" was that never in the history of
the had there even been a co-ed that looked
like Cameron Diaz.

And that there never would be either.

But there is a rather funky sculpture
in front of the Economics Department
that exhibits a strange characteristic
on May Day.

Fun bunch of people down there in Hyde Park.

posted by: Ted on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

Daniel, the U of C was only the 6th wonder - behind the 'L', Sears Tower, and even that itty-bitty thing next to Needless Markups!

I'm not sure it's really worth mentioning - much less boasting about. Although I have to agree with your wife - it would be interesting to see Northwestern take that and smoke it!

posted by: Don Stadler on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

No undergraduate fun? Too bad you weren't there in the late 60's when Students for Violent Non-Action were doing their thing.

posted by: Eduardo on 09.15.05 at 10:03 AM [permalink]

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