Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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Feelng the café buzz in Hyde Park...

Lots of current and former Hyde Park residents reacted to this post about my neighborhood allegedly becoming the "next hot restaurant zone." Whatever the merits of the claim, it cannot be sustained unless neighborhood residents actually frequent the places that open up.

I would therefore encourage those in the area to stop by just-opened the Istria Café. They have wi-fi (yes, I'm blogging from here right now), good coffee.... and gelato.

It's located at E. 57th St. & Lake Park Avenue, right under the Metra tracks. If you're in the area, go check it out. Oh, and ask the manager about the myriad hoops City Hall requires people to jump through in order to open up such an establishment -- it's quite a tale.

posted by Dan on 09.21.05 at 11:24 AM


Hyde Park has quite a few moderately priced and pretty good restaurants and a few cheap and decent ones. I think it comes mainly from the relative poverty of the large numbers of students and grad students. There are also a few great places that don't really get enough attention from Hyde Park residents. In particular, I'm thinking of Maravilla's (in Harper Court) and Sammy's (on 57th and Cottage Grove), both of which serve quite good food for dirt cheap. As a transplant from Los Angeles I can say that Maravilla's is a great Mexican restaurant and maybe the best value in Hyde Park, yet very few people seem to know about it. Eating in Hyde Park requires a willingness to go beyond the typical Med/Florian/Pizza Capri axis...

posted by: Sam on 09.21.05 at 11:24 AM [permalink]

Is it actually possible to get to Hyde Park from Illinois?

posted by: banopus on 09.21.05 at 11:24 AM [permalink]

just stopped by there. and the gellato is excellent. the pastachio is quite good (which is the test of a good gelato, according to my gelato obsessed partner) and the sugar-free mango is AMAZING. seriously. tastes like frozen mangos. yum.

and excellent coffee in a well designed space.

posted by: andrew on 09.21.05 at 11:24 AM [permalink]

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