Monday, September 26, 2005

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Spammers, please help the Chinese government out...

Reuters reports that the Chinese government has issued some new rules about how the news can be reported on the Internet (link via Drudge):

China set new regulations on Internet news content on Sunday, widening a campaign of controls it has imposed on other Web sites, such as discussion groups.

"The state bans the spreading of any news with content that is against national security and public interest," the official Xinhua news agency said in announcing the new rules, which took effect immediately.

The news agency did not detail the rules, but said Internet news sites must "be directed toward serving the people and socialism and insist on correct guidance of public opinion for maintaining national and public interests."

Another Xinhua report has this priceless tidbit:

Online news sites that publish stories containing fabricated information, pornography, gambling or violence are facing severe punishments or even shutdown.

These new measures were part of a new regulation on online news services, jointly introduced yesterday by the State Council Information Office and the Ministry of Information Industry.

"We need to better regulate the online news services with the emergence of so many unhealthy news stories that will easily mislead the public," said a spokesman with the information office at a press conference yesterday.

Services that provide online news stories, that have bulletin board systems (BBS) or have the function of sending short messages containing news contents to individual mobile phones are all subject to the regulation....

The public will help information departments at all levels supervise news sites. Anyone who finds unhealthy online stories can visit and report.

Isn't this sort of request exactly the kind of useful activity that spammers could engage in instead of bothering me?

posted by Dan on 09.26.05 at 01:36 AM


How about we get the spammers to hack through China's heinous Internet filters instead of focusing on our anti-spam filters?

1.3 Chinese people will be better off (or maybe just the 100 million who have Internet), and I get less spam. It's win-win for humanity and me.

posted by: John Kneeland on 09.26.05 at 01:36 AM [permalink]

Taking this post seriously for the moment, I have trouble seeing why they would do something like this. If pr0n is outlawed, so to would be ways to monetize that (I would imagine). Likewise with ads.

posted by: Lonewacko: illegal immigration news on 09.26.05 at 01:36 AM [permalink]

Check out a story on the main page of the site - samizidata called "Data Mining : Russian Style" here ...
(sorry can't hyperlink it)

It relates to apparent Chinese interceptions of high powered e-mail and other Chinese scam techniques that the writer believes he has stumbled upon.

Fascinating read.

posted by: Aidan Maconachy on 09.26.05 at 01:36 AM [permalink]

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