Friday, October 7, 2005

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Is there anything more exciting than Canadian public television?

Blogging may be slow for the next few days, as I'll be at the University of Toronto's Munk Centre for International Studies for a conference entitled, "Growing Apart: Europe and America."

However, for those diehard readers of who reside in Ontario -- yes, that's all three of you -- I'll be one of a bevy of talking heads for TVOntario's Diplomatic Immunity, airing this Friday.

TVO will also -- God forbid -- be airing the "highlights" of the conference... er... at some point in the next few weeks.

Canadian public TV -- it's fantastic!!

posted by Dan on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM


Cool! I'm a third of your Ontario readership!

posted by: Jacob on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

Well, it is a tough choice when forced to choose between PBS, the all-curling sports channel, and the all-Drew-Carey comedy channel. I kid you not.


posted by: Cranky Observer on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

When PBS is running one of their endless fundraisers, or the zillionth rerun of Are You Being Served, TVO looks pretty good.

posted by: Tom on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

You cant knock Hockey Night.

posted by: Mark Buehner on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

Count me as a new reader. I look forward to seeing you on DI.

posted by: Sean on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

I am not living in Ontario so not one of your potential viewers but as a "transatalanticist" blogger I am very interested in the program. I am looking forward to reading on your blog about the main conclusions of the conference.

posted by: Sandra Plas on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

DI is consistently one of the best shows on International Relations around. Better than anything on Canadian television at least.

Hey Cranky! What the hell is wrong with Curling? It's like shuffleboard made dangerous, because of like the ice you know eh. What game has more strategy than curling?

Compared to Curling, Risk is for attention-deficit pre-schoolers who missed nap time.

Diplomacy: a seminar for remedial-education pre-teens too lazy to play video games

And you can play drunk. Of course, you can play golf drunk too, but the drink doesn't help your golf game like it does in Curling. Obviously, Cranky, you must really hate Canada not to like the wall-to-wall coverage of whatever Briar happens to be on.

Next you're going to say you don't like Corner Gas, Monday Report, or Da Vinci's Inquest. What about Reba McNeil?

posted by: wsam on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

Isn't it the Munck Centre?

posted by: mrjauk on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

Actually, I don't mind watching half an hour of curling. And I did enjoy my months working in semi-rural Ontario. But being stuck night after night in cheap motels where the cable choices included 3 (count them - 3!) curling channels and non-stop Drew Carey was a bit trying after the 2nd month!


posted by: Cranky Observer on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

Related: WBEZ in Chicago dropped their great show 'Odyssey', and are putting on some stuff from the Candian Broadcasting Corporation.

posted by: Jon H on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

I'm another THIRD of your readership. I'll be watching you today (Sunday) on TVO. Be smart. See if you can out-do Mark Blyth -- what the hell is he doing there? I like his new-Polanyi-ism, but transatlantic relations?? Do I have the wrong Mark Blyth?

Mike/IR Prof somewhere in Ontario -- you figure it out

posted by: Mike on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

I saw you this afternoon (Sunday) on TVO, and it was great seeing and hearing you, after having read your comments and writing all this time. I liked the way you and the group tossed ideas back and forth, in the constructive way you and TVO always do.

posted by: George on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

At least it was TVOntario, and not the CBC. Let the Ontario taxpayer foot its own bill for once.

posted by: Tom on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

What did you think of U of T Dan? How did Steve Paiken treat you? Did you want to hit that long-sideburned guy as much as I wanted to?

posted by: JASD on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

Too many people for a good discussion. Steve couldn't really get a debate going. Too bad.

I laughed at the Paris is the Baltimore of Europe bit though.

posted by: wsam on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

It is actually the Munk Centre - no "c". I went to the University of Toronto and unless time and memory are playing horrible tricks I believe I have that right.

Yes, TV Ontario has much to recommend it. Many excellent documentaries. Some of the editorializing is a little too lefty for me, but there is an effort to represent varying points of view.

There has been talk for years of privatizing it, the former premier of Ontario, Mike Harris, was keen on that idea.

posted by: Aidan Maconachy on 10.07.05 at 12:57 AM [permalink]

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