Saturday, November 5, 2005

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So Friday was a pretty good day....

Friday was a great day for two reasons. First, a 70 degree day in Chicago in November is a rare treat and needs to be properly savored.

[Wow, you're keeping up such a brave face after getting denied tenure--ed.] Well, that leads to the second and more important reason why Friday was a pretty good day.

I have formally accepted an offer to be an Associate Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, starting in the summer of 2006. Next year at this time, I will be teaching students pursuing a M.A.L.D. (Masters of Arts in Law and Diplomacy) or a Ph.D. at Tufts University in Medford, MA.

[Wait a minute. Wait just a friggin' minute. What exactly does "Associate Professor" mean?--ed.] It means that, subject to the approval of Tufts University's Board of Trustees, I will be a tenured professor.

[Why Fletcher? Did you have any other options?--ed.] I received a number of inquiries (at various levels of seriousness) from academic and non-academic institutions -- the latter including government, think tank, and publishing opportunities. This was both gratifying and useful. Gratifying because it's always nice to be wanted. Useful because it gave me the chance to ponder whether the academy was for me. In the end, Fletcher was the best choice for a combination of personal and professional reasons.

[So how are you feeling now? Still bitter at the University of Chicago?--ed.] I'm feeling pretty good, actually. Fletcher is an excellent public policy school for what I study, and they actually like the fact that I write for a wider audience on occasion. Oh, and Tufts seems to be doing an excellent job of facilitating policies I like.

As for the U of C, no, I'd say the bitterness level is down to a very tiny nub. Mind you, I still think they screwed up, but they've screwed up other decisions even worse. Anyway, that's the department's problem now, not mine. I will always have very fond memories the institution, the students, and many of my colleagues. We will miss Hyde Park's rumored restaurant renaissance -- but this will be more than compensated by the plethora of supermarket choices in the Boston 'burbs.

[So how do you feel about the blog now? Now that you're tenured, can you really cut loose?--ed.] No, it's just the opposite, I'm afraid. Brian Weatherson hit the nail on the head in Scott Jaschik's Inside Higher Ed story on blogging and academia:

While some believe tenure allows more freedom for a blogger, Weatherson said that if your audience grows, that not tenure status may be the factor that leads to restraint online. "The more widely the blog gets read the more cautious I am about saying something critical of anyone without quite a lot to back up the criticisms," he said. "Basically these days I can assume that anything I say critical of anyone in philosophy will get back to them, and I write as if the target of the criticism will be reading. So I probably hold back a little more than I did pre-tenure, when sometimes I would assume that the blog would just remain among friends."


[So you'll be tenured, huh? Well, there goes the last shred of any connection you have with the "real world" in which other American workers must cope!--ed.] You've been reading the comments too much. I don't want to go off on a rant here, but the meme about academics having no connection to the real world is a crock of s$#*. Yes, tenure equals lifetime employment. However, consider the following:

1) Compared to other professions that require equivalent education, academics earn lower wages. This is clearly a choice for many of economic security and a more flexible work schedule over increased income. But it is a choice with real economic costs.

2) It's not like getting a tenured position at a top-drawer school is the easiest thing to do in the world. You have to get accepted into a good Ph.D. program, write an excellent dissertation, demonstrate an ability to generate research of high quality and quantity, and trust your luck that these skills will be recognized by your senior colleagues inside and outside your university.

3) I can't stress this enough -- a professor's wage is almost entirely determined by the market. Yearly raises in our profession range from infinitessimal to nonexistent. The only way to earn big raises is to demonstrate our value to the outside market by getting a competing job offer. That's about as real as you can get in terms of the wage structure.

[Yeah, but you academics don't have to deal with your jobs being outsourced!--ed. Er... no, that doesn't wash. The premier positions in American academia have has a global labor market for decades now, so the effect is analogous to offshoring -- though The long-term effect of professorial podcasting will be interesting, because it suggests an inexpensive way to commodify aspects of teaching.]

[Man, a lot has happened to you since you started the blog -- you're going to need to update that "About Me" page--ed.] Yeah, I already thought of that.

[So you'll be moving to the Boston area, huh? How much NESN will you be allowed to watch?--ed.] My wife and I are deep in negotiations about this very question. With the Red Sox management currently imploding, however, this may not be much of an issue.

posted by Dan on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM


As a Tufts grad, let me say this is the first thing I've heard of Tufts doing in awhile that hasn't made me cringe. Congratulations!!!

posted by: asg on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Fantastic news!

This has made my weekend.


posted by: Richard W on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

As a former resident of the Deep South (that is, Chicago south of Hyde Park), I have to say that this is a loss for Chicago too. Arkansas (that is, Chicago south of 22nd Street) needs more advocates, and you were a good one (if a bit critical!).


posted by: Cranky Observer on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

As an addendum:

1. Wing Works in Somerville sells the best wings in the known universe. They deliver. Get 'em with the garlic & parmesan sauce.

2. If you ever have an occasion to use the men's room in the philosophy department, I'd be interested to know if the "philosopher list" is still in one of the stalls.

3. Redbones has really good Southern food and a nice selection of microbrews. It also has lots of local and small-operation root beers.

4. There is no good Chinese food within 25 miles of Tufts. It's all disgusting. Even Harvard Square is pretty weak for Chinese.

posted by: asg on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats! Wow, that was fast. Things really turned around for you quickly. Will you miss teaching undergrads? Best of luck moving to the Boston area.

posted by: Javier on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations. I assume, after the approval of the Board, you will also be crossing out that "untenured perspective" in the upper right corner and replacing with "now tenured perspective", no?

posted by: A.S. on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Well done, Dan. Chicago (the city if not the U) will miss you.


posted by: Kelli on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]


For good Chinese food, Boston is not that far from NYC, and the Chinatown bus is only $30 round trip.

posted by: A Guy in New York on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Perhaps this was best all along for everyone. The programme you are going to work for sounds more policy oriented. Chicago has an image of a 'thinkery' -- to borrow from Aristophanes -- neither approach is better than the other, but perhaps the fit is better for you at a place closer future to real live bomb droppers --uh, US foreign policy makers.


posted by: Mitchell Young on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations! You will love Boston and the Sox.

posted by: Sean Giovanello on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Good for you! Let Chicago hang onto the bombs and rockets until M and P and the rest pass on to the Great Beyond. To paraphrase a prescient, if middle-aged, journal article, "Does anybody still CARE about Realism?"

(Apparently not Charles Krauthammer, who made the IR 101 mistake of conflating Neorealism and Realism in a recent column.)

Good points about the "real" academic world. That's an explanation that needs wider dissemination. On my best day ever, I'll never earn a third of what my financially much-wiser spouse earns at her law firm.

And just because it's on "my free time" doesn't make perusing journals at 3:00 a.m. any more palatable....

posted by: Hemlock for Gadflies on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Glad to hear that. Sorry you'll have to experience the next 85 years of Red Sox futility up close, but no doubt you'll be too busy accomplishing great things to care overly much.

posted by: rilkefan on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

No good chinese food nearby? I'm not sure, man.

The best chinese food I've had, to be sure, is Sichuan Gourmet 40 minutes away in Framingham, but closer to home, Zoe's on Beacon St is quite decent, as is a very low-key place where Broadway hits Medford St. (the name currently escapes me).

Also, there is good food downtown, which of course is a bit of a trek. Grand Chow Chau and East Ocean City are both pretty tasty (though personally I prefer the Framingham place).

posted by: mkayser on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Contrats! What wonderful news!

Re: Chinese Food - I agree that there is a lot of bad chinese food in Boston. That said, for more authentic fare in that area, you might try Qingdao Garden on Mass. Ave. (Shangdong food) and the dumplings at Wang's Fast Food (don't let the name scare you away) on Broadway.

Good luck!

posted by: Joe Liu on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

As a current Tufts undergrad, I'm glad to here it. Welcome. Everyone is right about the stunning lack of quality Chinese food, but did not emphasize the lack of quality pizza as well. Also, the best bagels are Dunkin' Donuts - very sad for a NYer like me. In the immediate, Anna's (cheap, really good Mexican), Redbones (Southern BBQ), Wing Works (Umm...Wings?), Cafe de Crepe (Crepes and Italian) Antonia's (nice Italian) and Diva's (Indian) are all recommended, in order of my personal preference.

Wherever you end up living, make sure that there are no frats in the immediate area - yellow bushes and loud music until 2am on weekends may not go well with a young child. In fact, I have a friend who went to Sommerville High School who had a rather negative view on the school - perhaps you should look into the more outlying 'burbs.

The Fletcher buildings themselves are currently being renovated. I'm sure you're familiar with the school's rep. Nice place, nice facilities.

Have fun being the only conservative professor I know of who's outside of the economics department, though my knowledge of Fletcher profs is slim. The students I've met (again, few) tend to be incredibly bright, knowledgable and idealistic.

You might wanna read this . And this. It's a pretty good student paper, glance through it from time to time. These guys are Coulter Conservatives. Read at your own peril, and know that they are unpopular with some of the faculty, if you are considering a submission.


posted by: Eric on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats, Prof. Drezner. I knew you'd land on your feet. Fletcher's a great spot for you.

posted by: praktike on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

This is very good news, Dan. Congratulations!

I won't even mention that the relevant comparison between a post in higher education and one in some other field is not the one you might have made before you began your education, but the one you are practically able to make now. In other words, do you really have options now that would pay so much more than Fletcher that the greater job security there does not vastly outweigh the economic sacrifice? [ed. That is so cheesy. You said you weren't going to mention that, and then you mentioned it] Well, yeah, but I didn't mention that logically the "greater restraint" Dan may need to exercise in the blog should consist in restricting the number of subjects he comments on, not what he says about things he knows very well. [ed. You're doing it again!] When? [ed. Just now! And what does not mentioning the first thing you mentioned have to do with not mentioning the second thing you mentioned?] Well, shut up. I never approved of letting the editor make his comments public, and now I understand why [ed. You didn't before?] This makes it sound as if I'm talking to myself [ed. But you are talking to yourself]. I said, shut up. [ed. Well that's not very mature, is it?] Is too. [ed. Is not].

Readers of this thread will excuse me now while I deal with the editor [ed. You are not "dealing with the editor." You are just getting ready to walk the dog]. I apologize for the disruption, and congratulate Dan again for what sounds like a big move professionally that could also be a lot of fun.

posted by: Zathras on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats indeed Dan...all the best to you in Boston

posted by: Gavin on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Impressively swift bounce-back Dr. Drezner ! Congratulations!

posted by: mark safranski on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats! It's great to see you bounce on your fit so soon.

Fletcher does seem an ideal fit for you; a great combination of a good school that does have an orientation to real world issues. Great news!

posted by: Nick Kaufman on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Great move. Fletcher is a great school. Back in college, before jumping ship early to capitalize on the dot com boom, my plan for graduate school was the joint program at Boalt Law (UC Berkeley) and International Diplomacy at Fletcher. I did a lot of research, and for what I wanted to do, which was international and human rights law and advocacy, Fletcher seemed the best (combined with the Boalt international law program).

posted by: Jimm on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

congratulations ,Dan. Will Fletcher allow you to have a summer job as general manager?

posted by: michael hassan on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

congratulations ,Dan. Will Fletcher allow you to have a summer job as general manager?

posted by: michael hassan on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations Dan!

Although, I have to admit that I turned down Fletcher and opted to attend SIPA at Columbia because the International Security Program is much better. But you're right, for your line of work Fletcher is great place. AND, let's not forget that you'll be back in Boston for the 2006 Red Sox season (and the 2005-2006 offseason!). God Bless Theo Epstein and God Bless the Red Sox! He will be missed!

posted by: micawber78 on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations, Dan. Good to see you land on your feet.

Just have to comment, though, that the comment by Hemlock for the Gadflies above is complete nonsense. I think many people would consider much of Dan's work to be "realist" in orientation. Hemlock's conflation of realism with the study of bombs and bullets is completely mistaken. Much of the best work done in the field of international political economy by people like Gilpin, Kirschner, and Drezner is best characterized as "realist."

Further, Hemlock's dismissal of the study of bombs and bullets in an age of a war in Iraq and continuing military tensions in every corner of the globe seems bizarre to say the least.

posted by: irprof on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Let me add my voice to the chorus of congratulations, Dan!

posted by: Randy Paul on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats from us too, Dan! This is the best news I've heard in ages.

posted by: Patrick Belton on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations, and I see that Rove paid you off with a tenured position that you acknowledge will restrict what you write. (I keed, I keed.)

posted by: jerry on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Why are people complaining about a lack of good Chinese restaurants in Somerville/Cambridge? Maybe they don't serve tiki drinks and General Tso's but you can find real Chinese food instead. There are a plethora of fine establishments, especially near MIT. I've lived in both Taiwan and the PRC so I know what I'm talking about. There is also a good Tibetan restaurant near Davis square.

posted by: vanya on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations, Dan. I live in Arlington, right next door to Medford, so we'll be neighbors. If you find a good grocery store out here, let me know. Maybe we'll run into each other at the deli counter.

Best of luck with the new position.

posted by: David on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats, Dan. And good luck.

posted by: erg on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations and good luck. As a resident of Washington, DC., I'm partial to Georgetown and SAIS when it comes to applied IR programs but Fletcher is a great school and you will be closer to Red Sox games.

posted by: . on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations! That's terrific news.

posted by: Scott Lemieux on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Best wishes -- and I'm sure you will do well wherever you are.

Econ question from a mother of a college-bound young-un: Where is all the money going? College tuitions keep going up and up, faster than the inflation rate by far, but professors are illpaid?

We have spent well into the five digits annually for the heavily intensive, well supervised education of our daughter at private school. How can it be so much more expensive for colleges to provide a more distanced experience for young adults?

Just asking.

posted by: may on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Spectacular news. Congratulations.

posted by: Margaret Soltan on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Excellent news, Dan. Too bad for me. i was hoping you would land in the NYC area, and I would turn you into a Yankee fan. Bleacher seats, pin stripes, a cold beer shouting "Jeter! Jeter!" It could have happened.

posted by: Laura on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations, Dan! And remember, just because you'll be living in Bean Town doesn't mean you have to root for the Sox and/or Pats.

posted by: Johnny Bardine on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations, Dan! And remember, just because you'll be living in Bean Town doesn't mean you have to root for the Sox and/or Pats.

posted by: Johnny Bardine on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Many congrats, Dan. I'm gratified to see that your job uncertainty has been resolved so swimmingly. While I share Laura from 11D's hope to have you land in the NYC area, I harbor no illusions that you could be turned into a Yankee fan. Then again, I'm not exactly the person to do it, given my stubborn loyalties to a team that hasn't won a post-season series since the Fam-a-lee....

posted by: Jeremy B. on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Franly I think it would have been better if Dan had to sweat a bit in getting a job, maybe he'd learn some humility and not be such a damn little snot when it comes to other folks losing their careers.

Just my 2 cents.

posted by: Amok92 on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

When I saw the "pretty good day" combination, I just knew it had to be tenure of some kind. That's great. And yes, I think it sounds better than Chicago right now.

posted by: Daniel on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]


posted by: Acad ronin on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats, Prof.Drezner.

posted by: Patrix on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]


posted by: Sherman Dorn on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

"Yes, tenure equals lifetime employment." They used to say the same thing about machinists at Boeing. Enjoy every day and keep your eyes open. Best wishes to you and your family in Boston. You can teach your baby to say "Papelbon".

posted by: joejoejoe on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats!! I was getting worried that if Drezner couldn't get the f$#%!g tenure who would have!! Still gotta finish the dissertation and find a job next year thou..arrgghh....too late to quit I guess :))

posted by: A. N. Onymous on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations. Be more careful if you have to, of course, but by all means, keep blogging!

posted by: Joel on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

re: "the meme about academics having no connection to the real world is a crock of s$#*. "

#1 was nonresponsive. Choosing to live on a commune has economic consequences, too, but that doesn't make it the real world.

#2 demonstrated a case where the number of times a person is an outlier is so high that it undermines your point. Clearly not the real world.

Only #3 was an argument supporting your thesis because it is true about academia and the real world, yes.

Good luck in Medford.

posted by: anonymouse on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations. Since everyone is giving restraurant recommendations, here's two suggestions for Japanese food: Ginza, on the edge of Chinatown, and Minado, in Natick.

Also, try to avoid sports talk radio. It can get addicting, especially since you'll be moving here right when they'll be talking mostly Red Sox.

posted by: Hei Lun Chan on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats Dan. Just when I move to Chicago you make the move back to my old 'hood. Let me second the Red Bones endorsement, and also recommend picking up a Brown School Card at the used book store for crazy discounts in Davis Square.

But are you prepared to be the most conservative person in a 5 mile radius?

Seriously, look up 02144 on Political Money Line...there is not a single GWB donation out of about 400 total. Enjoy.

posted by: Rich on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]


posted by: Chris Albon on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations! And welcome to the Boston
area. I just have to efute the claim that
the best bagels are at Dunkin Donuts - no
way! Come over to Brookline, plenty of
good bagels here.

posted by: Richard Cownie on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Dr. Drezner,
Congratulations on this achievement; it is richly deserved. Life has a way of taking care of things, and Boston is a fabulous town. As a student at Minnesota's Humphrey Institute, I am envious to see Fletcher get such a top notch policy thinker, but I'm happy for you nonetheless. Cheers!

posted by: Dave Uejio on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations! I guess this goes to show that academics labor markets are at least somewhat efficient.

Tufts (and Boston's) gain is Chicago's loss.

posted by: The Unknown Professor on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Just a couple more dining suggestions in the Medford/Somerville/Cambride area. Sound Bites, in Ball Square (Broadway in Somerville) has fantastic breakfast. There'a wait, and they'll try to encourage you along if you go during the rush, but it's 100% worth it.

If you like seafood, try East Coast Grill in Inman Square. Lots of Latin influences on the menu, and the worst thing I ever had there was really damn good.

Good luck in Medford.

posted by: Michael on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Great news! Best of luck.

posted by: conlon on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Mazel Tov. That was fast. I am very happy for you. Chicago's loss is Tuft's gain.

posted by: Robert Schwartz on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Gosh. Congratulations!

posted by: Mycroft on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

I'll add my compliments to the blog's proprietor, not that they mean much since he's never heard of me. But I'd like to call attention to a perhaps overlooked influence of blogging on this course of events.

Yes, possibly it is true that Drezner's blog was the tipping point in Chicago's tenure decision. But nobody knows that or could know that; and please, I do mean to be taken literally. Even people who cast votes do not always know what their interior tipping points are.

But I ask you to look at what has happened since. When you've flagged "Hey look -- no tenure!" and you've written about turning in the tons of material for the review process, well of course you'll write about the outcome; it doesn't come across as special pleading.

And there's a matter of tone. You've already signaled you don't lack courage, because you acknowledge holding views you clearly know to be unpopular; now you take a career blow with ironic distance and no public display of bitterness. To future colleagues, that sings of collegiality.

And the beauty part is, the whole world knows about it! The ordinary, non-blogging virtually anonymous assistant professor who doesn't get tenure at Prestigious U. faces the horrendous task of writing everybody he knows to announce that off-putting fact in the slight hope that someone will respond with a link to a job posting.

How much easier it is, and more efficient, to ensure that Google knows (it does) and have interested people calling you. Furthermore, interested people who harbor no illusions about what kind of ideological principles undergird your work. I am not being in any way facetious; this is a national audition process enabled by the Internet.

Now, the tricky bit is this: the blog has to be good enough that interested people will want to call. That's an accomplshment for which congratulations are truly in order.

posted by: linda seebach on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

No one has any comments about the horrible close-mindedness of liberal academia, or about the remarkable injustice of the anachronistic tenure system? No one? Come on!

Congratulations to Professor Drezner.

posted by: Barbar on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

As a University of Chicago Law School alum, and a Chicago resident, this is the University of Chicago's loss and Tufts' big gain. Keep up the good blogging if you can (we sorely need good minds like yours who also voice their opinions). More importantly, challenge the good minds you'll see at Fletcher.

Congratulations, especially on tenure.

posted by: Steve on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations, Professor Drezner. Welcome to the world of professional schools of IR. As I can attest, they are quite good places to ply one's craft!

And, welcome to the tenured ranks!

posted by: Matthew Shugart on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Warmest congratulations!

posted by: Steven Taylor on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

As a graduate of both U.of C. and Tufts, I offer my congratulations as well. I currently live in Chicago, and the thing I miss most about living in the Boston area is the plethora of fantastic sandwich shops they have there. There is nothing in Chicago that compare's to Bob's Fine Foods in Medford, and I heartily recommend you stop there on the way from your airport to wherever your first destination is to get a steak tip sandwich.

Go Jumbos!

posted by: M. Jed on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

I think you came out ahead, Daniel. Congratulations!

posted by: A.M. Mora y Leon on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations. This is great news for you and I deeply hope you thrive in Tufts (it sounds like a great place for you), and that you keep blogging, even if not as often due to your new responsibilities.

posted by: mm on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations on the move to Medford.

As for Chinese, Chang Sho on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge is decent. Not out of the ballpark good, but decent. The good news is that the best hamburger in New England is not far from Tufts at O'Sullivan's Pub, 282 Beacon Street in Somerville. Finally, I always liked Blue Ribbon BBQ on Mass. Ave in Arlington over Redbones (which I think is wildly over-rated).

Have fun dining your way through the Boston-area.

posted by: Dan on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Best of luck to you in your new job. Congratulations to your new employer on making a splendid choice.

posted by: Stu707 on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats. And oh (ahem,) by the way..Daniel, check the comments on the day that you were denied. As a tenured Boston area prof, I had a great deal to say--at least those couple days.

But, my 'big' point that was that I predicted (actually, I cheated...since I knew) that you'd be in Boston next year. I didn't say Tufts exactly to your readers, but we both knew, heh?

Cheers...see at the Charles Regatta

posted by: John on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Far too many comments for you to read down this far, but "Welcome to Bahston," future home of universal government healthcare. You do realize, of course, that you will literally be Daniel stepping into the lions' den in this bastion of intense liberalism?

posted by: Giacomo on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations, Dan. This is a quck and happy ending to what I feared would be a long hard journey.

posted by: Tom Holsinger on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations Dan. Your points 1, 2 and 3 are right on the nail. Best of luck in Medford.

posted by: Mark Trodden on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations Dan! Maybe we can get together for a trip to Fenway.

posted by: David Pinto on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats, the Fletcher school has top-notch students. You'll love it.

posted by: Erik on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

It's a living.

posted by: nark k benenson on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]


I'm relieved and happy, both for you and your audience. You write a remarkably good blog and I'm happy to know that you will be employed at a University that will allow (and encourage) you to continue.

Good things happen to good people. In your case, it happened quickly.

Best wishes to you and your family.

posted by: Barry on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Rich: technically Tufts is in 02155, not 02144 (which is where I currently live). Prof. Drezner I think will find a nice mix of practical moderates and liberals at Fletcher with most of the bomb-throwers confined to the humanities at the college of A&S.

This is the second GREAT piece of Tufts news this week!

posted by: danny k on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Lack of good pizza? Didn't the place under Berklee's bookstore win the national competition a few years ago? The locals took a bunch of us there for a summer school a couple of years ago.

posted by: agm on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Best (relatively) local Chinese food is Shangri La in Belmont, theough Changsho and some others are acceptable. But the Indian, Thai and Tibetan is (relatively) better than the Chinese.

posted by: 1AM on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

This is wonderful news. Congratulations!

posted by: Maggie45 on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

asg is wrong. Village Temple in Brookline is great!

posted by: James A. Wolf on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Lovely, Dan! Wonderful news - and so deserved.

Fletcher hosted Hans Blix a month or so ago, aired on C-SPAN a week or two back. He made much of Bush's "Mars" and Europe's "Venus" in international affairs philosophy; Blix boasted of the superiority of the latter and criticised the former, with smiles from all. Sadly, however, no one dared to press the most obvious questions of Euro-UN failures during Q & A: Bosnia, Rwanda, Liberia, Nigeria, Kurdistan, Iraq.... I hope a newly tenured professor there will be of more use?

Otherwise, I hope you won't mind if I pop up from Cambridge to chat over your newest book sometime?

Again, well done.

posted by: T J Olson on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Eric- you have to try Finagle a Bagle and Diamond Deli in Newton.

posted by: James A. Wolf on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

James A. Wolf and Richard Cownie - I don't have a car. I have heard that there are good bagel places in Boston. Unfortunately, the best within walking distance of Tufts that I've found is Dunkin' Donuts, a fact that makes me quite sad. Don't tell my parents, but it's one of the big plusses of Thanksgiving break. Now, something about midterms and this week...

posted by: Eric on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Wow... the Fletcher School has been a dream school for me since I switched to a poli sci major my sophomore year, and now it's even more so! Congratulations!

posted by: Sarah on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Eric, Finagle (or one branch) is T accesable. It's in Colldige Corner.

posted by: James A. Wolf on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Changsho! That's it. I knew there was one good place fairly nearby but the name escaped me.

People, I realize there may be good places in Brookline, Framingham, etc etc., but if you are in Medford/Somerville/Porter Sq, you're out of luck.

posted by: asg on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Dan - Congratulations! What, with the so-called "burst" of the Boston real estate bubble now imminent (according to many), you're all set.

Few things about the 'hood:

1.) "Redbones" in Davis (within walking distance to the Tufts Campus) 'ain't all that.' It rests largely on its laurels. Better to go for Blue Ribbon in Arlington (one town over) or Uncle Pete's in Eastie. Will be more than happy to take you out at some point.

2.) Idem in re Chinese. Wang's in Magoun Square, Somerville (again, within walking distance from Tufts.). Best Chinese outside of Chinatown, Boston.

3.) How do you feel about Tibetian? (snort - lots of that here. Indian, too.)

Am certain that you've plenty of connections heah, but thought I'd put my two cents' worth in.

Best to you.

posted by: be on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Wow, that's great news! Congratulations!

posted by: bitchphd on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Terrific news. Congratulations.

posted by: Orin Kerr on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

I knew you'd land on your feet.


posted by: Rodger on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats, Professor!

posted by: Josh Miller on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

As a Tufts undergrad, it's great to see they're getting a little bit of intellectual diversity. Good luck and welcome.

posted by: Mike on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

As a Penn undergrad, I am sorry you will not be gracing our hallowed halls with your presence. Regardless, I wish you best of luck with Fletcher, and of course I heart your blog.

posted by: John Kneeland on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

As a Penn undergrad, I am sorry you will not be gracing our hallowed halls with your presence. Regardless, I wish you best of luck with Fletcher, and of course I heart your blog.

posted by: John Kneeland on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations and welcome to Boston. Tufts is a fine school and Fletcher is its jewel. And the politics of Massachusetts can benefit from real world sanity.

posted by: Fran Meaney on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats to the Dan-Man.

You'll find Boston strangely "small" after living in Chicago. It's less of a city and more of a giant village, with all the pluses and minuses. And you'll have to put up with our wacky weather :)

If you can, live on the North Shore (Lynn or north). It's spectacular, if a little provincial. Or try Arlington or Belmont. These places even have decent restaurants now!

posted by: Dallas on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

It's not the Boston weather that's the problem. It's the obnoxious Red Sox fans that populate the place :).

posted by: Geoff on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]


As an '05 Fletcher grad, let me extend a warm welcome to the mafia. It will be great to have you on the faculty there.

posted by: Kevin on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Having followed your saga on the Volokh Conspiracy, and being both a Tufts and Fletcher Alumnus (A' 76, F'76), I am delighted for both you and the school. As a member of the Fletcher Club of D.C., let me be the first to invite you to one of our happy hours next time you are in D.C. or, better yet, to speak to our members about a topic of your choice.

posted by: Anthony W. (Andy) Hawks on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

I'll pile on with another "Congratulations."

posted by: Chrees on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats Dan! I've posted about this up on prawfs (since I couldn't see if you had a trackback function that was working).
Here's the link:

posted by: Dan Markel on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]


Pizza: Stefani's, on main st. in Cambridge right by MIT. Get the cheese.

Ice cream: Harrells, Harvard Square.

Um, that's really all one needs in life.

posted by: Paul Gowder on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]


Congratulations on landing a great new job! As a life long Red Sox fan and both a former Bostonian and Chicagoan, I think you will be quite happy. If you get a chance, you might try living in Back Bay for a while- I miss it badly.

You've probably already found Red Bones BBQ and the Burren tavern. Enjoy.


posted by: Lew Zaretzki on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Kudos, Congrats and Bravo
That was very quick

posted by: academic coach on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

What's wrong with all the Tufts grads out there? Soundbites is the breakfast in the US!

posted by: jughead on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Terrific news, Dan! Way to go!

This isn't just a matter of landing on your feet, as the post above said. Getting this professorship is more like doing a mid-air backflip, landing, and then taking a bow.

posted by: Bokonon on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations on joining the Flectcher School of International Law and Diplomacy. As a Fletcher grad, I can assure you, the school takes second place to none in the areas of International Security, Negotiations and International Law. The school is also incredibly international, as you well know. Over half the student body is international. The rest of the world seems to know, what few of our citizens realize, and that is Fletcher is the best. Most of your students are mid-level diplomats and officials that will soon rise to high level positions in their country after they graduate. I gave some thought to the Harvard and Hopkins programs on International Security until I saw the Fletcher program, which just blew every one else away. One sure sign of which way the wind was blowing, was most of the Harvard International Security students were taking courses at Fletcher, to learn, while getting the degree from Harvard, for the name recognition. All the best in your new position, you are a wonderful addition to the faculty.

posted by: Mike on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations, glad that you had so many good offers. I'll continue to look forward to your scribblings on the electronic wall.

posted by: ScottM on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

I definitely second the props given to Blue Ribbon (BBQ, Arlington) and RF O'Sullivans (pub grub, Somerville).

But I can't believe Pinocchio's pizza and subs in Harvard square hasn't been mentioned.

And for my money, the best Chinese food outside of Chinatown is at Royal East (Cambridge, Central Square).

posted by: Edward Lee on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

There's also a wonderful scuzzy Mexican joint on Mass Ave. between Harvard and Porter squares. (On the left going toward Porter.) I forget the name, but it's a classic.

posted by: Paul Gowder on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Warmest congratulations.

I too find that blogging is not contrary to academic service, but rather a potential extension of it. Bringing insightful, academic comment in real time to the internet community is a valuable form of community service.

posted by: Jamesaust on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Sounds like a great opportunity Dan. Best of luck!!

posted by: Mark Miller on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

So glad to hear about this. Congrats!

BTW, you'll also have to change the "all from an untenured perspective" bit in your tagline.

posted by: fling93 on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats Dan! Glad that things resolved so quickly for you. Keep up the great blog!

posted by: Jason on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Wow. Obviously this is good news. But talking about how Fletcher has bitch-slapped the University of Chicago! Phew! Geez, if I were responsible for denying you tenure at Chicago I would have to make serious efforts to wipe the egg off my face. The collective intelligence of the job market sure as hell has given you greater smirking satisfaction power than you could have wished for. Here's to you gloating in the UofC halls and corridors for the remaining months until Fletcher!

posted by: SalmaplusFriedrich on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congratulations with your great new job ... with tenureship! I'm glad to see everything worked out so well. Enjoy Fletcher!

posted by: Harmen on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats on this wonderful news! So wonderful in fact that I've finally delurked!

(to help you stop scratching your head in puzzlement -- I'm an Eph ['92] who not only knew you but also hung out with Eric K & Joellyn and if that isn't enough to place me then I'll just leave you be. ;)

I'm over in Cambridge, so anytime you need to sneak out and catch some Red Sox on NESN, my TV will already be tuned to it -- come on over!

posted by: Maura Gallagher on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Despite what was written above, the Primary Source is not a group of "Coulter Conservatives." As a Tufts and Source alum, I can say from experience that the Primary Source is one of the few organizations on campus that is committed to intellectual diversity. It is a good magazine that publishes the work of moderates, conservatives, libertarians, and even the occasional liberal. It's true that the magazine has occasionally overreached but it must be kept in mind that it is unfairly vilified by much of the Tufts community. Prof. Drezner, please cooperate with the Source if anyone there is smart enough to ask you for help.

posted by: JumboJD on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

As a PhD alum who necessarily has a continuing interest in the market value of the name, I'm sorry that the Chicago Department did not tenure you. You seem to be exactly the kind of person it needs. One wonders what reincarnation of Max Weber they expect, instead. But from your viewpoint, Fletcher is, to put it mildly, a pretty good "rebound," even if the weather there is no better. P.S. I too taught at Boulder, where we both know the weather is better.

posted by: Tom Blau on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

Congrats, and check out some of the new restaurants in Williamstown when you get back to MA...

posted by: A. G. Rud on 11.05.05 at 08:48 AM [permalink]

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