Friday, November 11, 2005

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Maybe AOL could buy me a Prius... coated in platinum

Inspired by the AOL takeover of Weblogs, Inc., I decided to take the "How Much is Your Blog Worth" test.

Here's what I found out:

My blog is worth $307,109.76.
How much is your blog worth?

Woo-hoo!! Priuses for everyone!! I'm richer than the New York Times!!

[Er, this site suggests that your blog's actual annual value is really closer to $4966.88--ed. I knew the dot-com bubble would eventually catch up to me.]

Props to Mickey Kaus for all of the links.

posted by Dan on 11.11.05 at 06:16 PM


Your blog,, is worth $19,041,369.66

posted by: Ray Ozzie on 11.11.05 at 06:16 PM [permalink]

Technorati's wrong. The typical online purchasing behavior of the readers determines the value of those readers, not their number, or links or trackbacks or even their demographic profile.

It's doubtful that the political blogs-- Kos would be an exception-- are worth more than the combined value of the few dozen Liberal/Conservative/Pro-Gun/Anti-Bush etc T-shirts they sell, because political junkies show an inordinately high ratio of time sunk in online chat to the dollar value of their online purchases.

I'd guess that the blogosphere's junkies spend on the order of 100 hours on political blogs for every $1 of online purchasing they've done through those blogs. If not 1,000 hours for each $1. As opposed to, say, suburban mothers deciding what medicine to buy for a sick child or which sweaters to buy for their kids for fall or which SUV/child seat/babycrib/paint etc is safest... In which case the ratio is reversed: Responsible Mom, unlike Dad the politics junkie, actually has to make a crucial decision affecting her family's well-being, one with a significant purchase attached to it, and will rely on trusted information if she can find it online in order to make the purchase-- preferably as quickly and efficiently as possible. So the harried mom is more likely to spend $10 or even $100 for every hour that she spends online.

Why would any rational investor want the political dads instead of the mommies? The latter are worth several orders of magnitude more than the former?

The political blogosphere is like dirty chat, without any subscription fees. In other words, basically worthless to any strategic or financial acquirer.

posted by: thibaud on 11.11.05 at 06:16 PM [permalink]

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