Monday, November 14, 2005

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My personal apologies to Mitchell Hurwitz

In one of those cruel coincidences, Erika and I decided to rent the first season of Arrested Development the weekend the show itself got cancelled.

After having digested the first twelve episodes -- and still laughing about them 48 hours later -- I feel I owe an apology to creator Mitchell Hurwitz. I clearly belong to a large swath of viewers who would have enjoyed the show and yet mysteriously chose not to view it when it counted. My only defense is that a large groups of us have small children, and by the end of the weekend have little energy for anything more sophisticated than My Mother, the Car.

Why the show failed to merit any coverage by the Television Without Pity people, however, is beyond me.

Sorry, man -- we let you down.

posted by Dan on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM


I could take it when you voted for Kerry, thought you were crazy, but hey. But this, but this Dan, that really hurts, and if you're a Neilsen household too (which you could never admit if you were) oh ah...the agony of it all. Arrested was perhaps one of the best shows ever on TV.

posted by: Joel B. on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

I think it's because Television Without Pity doesn't cover sitcoms? They should've made an exception for "Arrested"... it would've been helpful to me when I was first getting into the show in the middle of Season 2. But I somehow survived without it and got completely addicted.

Anyway, if you look in the "Sitcoms" section of the TWOP forum, there's a pretty popular Arrested Development message board there.

posted by: Andrew on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

Maybe you're not too late.

I have had trouble watching it on Monday nights (Sunday night was so much easier). So, I have missed most of this season.

But, if more people tune in, rent and buy the DVDs, the show will look even better to cable or another major network.

5 to 6 million viewers would appeal to Comedy Central and HBO.

In any case, the show is brilliant. Catch it if you can.

"There's always money in the banana stand."

posted by: Chris on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

"...and that's why you always watch Arrested!"

posted by: Joel B. on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

It was fantastic, wasn't it?

"...but justice is blind."

posted by: Bob Loblaw on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

Joel B, my God... Hilarious? DD, this could fast become a haven for AD quotes...

posted by: Chris on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

I think TWOP doesn't cover comedies, and definitely not great ones like AD because the recaps would just involve copying quotes from the show. Where's the fun in that?

There was however a really cool interview with the guy who played GOB on there if you look for it.

posted by: Keven Lofty on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

"Ask yourself... where did the lighter fluid come from?"

posted by: carl on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

Don't feel too bad Dan, while the first season was as good as any sitcom I've ever seen the second season was nothing special.

posted by: george on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

Bad news you bear Dan. No trackback function for your blog. Wassup widdat?
From prawfs:

posted by: Dan Markel on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

Great show, probably too good for American TV. If you like AD, check out Freaks & Geeks, a brilliant show cancelled after a single season, now out on DVD.

posted by: Anjin-San on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

I hope Fox considers allowing its cable station, FX, to pick up the show. FX has made a name for itself in dramas, but its attempts at comedy (Starved, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) died quickly.

posted by: KXB on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

TWOP did cover "Undeclared" when it was on for it's too-brief run in 2001. AD was still too goofy to recap, though.

posted by: Patrick on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

Well and all right, we shall look now on DVD

posted by: Bruce on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

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posted by: texas holdem poker on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

I would like to take a moment of silence to offer my apologies as well and agree that I spent a little too much time appreciating Spongebob than I did my own favorite show. The best thing since Seinfeld and possibly even more exciting...oh well....back to the pit of despair :O) ....

posted by: annie on 11.14.05 at 03:47 PM [permalink]

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