Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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We may be experiencing technical difficulties

Sometime in the next 24 hours I'll be making a few upgrades to the site, including but not limited to an upgrade of Movable Type from the prehistoric version I currently use.

If everything works perfectly, you'll just be impressed by the redesign. But everything might not work perfectly -- so tomorrow's blogging may be light.

UPDATE: OK, looks like things are coming back on line -- let me know if you like the (mild) redesign

posted by Dan on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM


Looks great. And lots more money.

posted by: Richard Heddleson on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Wooooo....New logo. Nice.

And look...Dollar pic leads off. Going PC on us?

Odd...the other monies looks like it should come
from a game.

posted by: James on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Wicked easy on the eyes. :)

posted by: Sissy Willis on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

last design was much, much better. this one is a little too intense and draws attention away from the text.

posted by: Derek on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Like the new look Dan...!

posted by: Gavin on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Good redesign - but I was kinda hoping for an RSS feed, too.

posted by: Adam on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

I was momentarily confused by the unexpected burst of color! Welcome to "Daniel Drezner and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Blog!"

posted by: Aaron on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Yeah, I dig it.

posted by: MBMc on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Looks very clean and professional.

posted by: Andy on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

I like the redesign. Text is sharper and easier to read, and the banner is attractive.

The key thing, though, is whether it will be easier for Dan to work with. My experience suggests that the difference for him will be greater than what we see on the site.

posted by: Zathras on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

It's less tweedy and academic. Definitely more engaging.

I no longer have to squint as I read:)

A1 !

posted by: Aidan Maconachy on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

I like the splash of color, but I think you should work a bit on the combinations.

The red in the headlines doesn't match well with the black in the main text, along with the blue links. Probably you should have all the main text in various shades of blue.

I would also experiment with the fonts.

posted by: Nick Kaufman on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Too much color. The old header was my favorite on the web. Switch that back and make the headlines a little less bright and you win.

posted by: anon on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

I agree that there's too much color. The white (or ivory) background looks good and makes reading easier, but the black, blue, and red don't go well together. It looks a litle primary school-ish. Too many simple colors in a simple font. Needs a designer to give it some sublety and flair.

posted by: JRG on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

I think the red/blue/black works very well. Headlines stand out, as do linke and other important items. Well done!

posted by: Doug on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Much easier to read and follow. If you had told us ahead of time that the headlines were going to be red, I would have thought that it would not work. I must say, though, that the red definitely works in this layout.

posted by: Anon7 on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Definite improvement!

posted by: Colin on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

A problem I've always had here is that when I comment, my personal info doesn't get remembered, tho I check the "yes" box.

Doesn't happen at other blogs, except now it does at DeLong's after he changed his software. So I don't see how it's a cookie problem at my end.

Any thoughts?

P.S.---The color is good. Color is why foreign money is cool in the first place.

posted by: Anderson on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Just a slight redesign. I could hardly tell the difference from your prior layout.

posted by: Barry on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

My eyes are killing me!

But then, I fear all change--so grain of salt.

posted by: David Schraub on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

The new format's a little bright, yes, but looks real professional. The red headings are somewhat incongruent, but overall nice layout.

posted by: Donald Douglas on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Dan, your site looks AWESOME. love the new logo, really warm and sharp

posted by: matt on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

Nice facelift, all a bit brighter and cleaner.

However, I don't like the font type. Either get a better font, or try to give your current font more white space around it.

posted by: ab on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

I like the new design. And it's good the D-mark has left your website, it was becoming an anachronism.

posted by: Harmen on 11.15.05 at 11:59 PM [permalink]

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