Monday, November 28, 2005

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The FT Morphs into the Onion

An actual headline in the Financial Times:

"Technocrat from Mexico will bring flair to OECD"
That's not quite as bad as "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative," but it's close.

Readers are hereby encouraged to suggest the subhead that would do the best job at providing a concrete example buttressing that headline. My suggestion: "Proposes International No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament to Allocate Agricultural Subsidies."

[Does the FT provide any evidence of flair?--ed. According to John Authers:

Unlike many other Mexican technocrats, Mr Gurría also has great personal skills and should be a flamboyant leader for the OECD. He also has links with the European media as a former director of Recoletos in Spain.

His aim for the OECD is to turn it into a “knowledge bank” that international economic leaders can use. “The OECD is an extension of the civil service,” he told the FT last month. “Everyone should feel comfortable with it. It’s like a family.”

[Zzzzzzz--ed. Yeah, I know. Flair might have been the wrong word choice here.]

posted by Dan on 11.28.05 at 03:21 PM


"Suggests Chinchilla Linings to Reduce Marks Left by Mundell-Fleming Constraints"

posted by: The Pooka on 11.28.05 at 03:21 PM [permalink]

Are your sure the FT headline said "flair" and not "Flair?" Because the subhead could read, "Veteran Wrestler to Leave WWE, Work For Global Prosperity. WOOO!"

No, I didn't read the story. Do I have to?

posted by: Zathras on 11.28.05 at 03:21 PM [permalink]

Or, if it was "Flair":

"Staff expresses concerns about support for one brand of felt-tip pens."

posted by: Donald A. Coffin on 11.28.05 at 03:21 PM [permalink]

"You know, the Nazis had pieces of flair that they made the Jews wear." - Peter Gibbons, Office Space

posted by: Steven Andrew Miller on 11.28.05 at 03:21 PM [permalink]

Isn't it a little unfair to snipe at him for becoming foreign secretary and treasury secretary "without ever having to stand for election"???

I mean, what elections have John Snow and Condoleeza Rice won lately?

posted by: Dan on 11.28.05 at 03:21 PM [permalink]

"Extreme fajitas and jalapeno poppers to become official appetizers at all state functions"

posted by: brianjphillips on 11.28.05 at 03:21 PM [permalink]

"Challenges IMF head to 'a duel of song' to fix exchange-rate targeting goals"

posted by: dave on 11.28.05 at 03:21 PM [permalink]

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