Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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Your Schumpeter quote of the day
Early in life I had three ambitions. I wanted to be the greatest economist in the world, the greatest horseman in Austria, and the best lover in Vienna. Well, I never became the greatest horseman in Austria.
Courtesy of Irwin Stezler.
posted by Dan on 11.29.05 at 10:35 PM


If I am correctly remembering a biography of him, he used to go for carriage rides in Vienna with prostitutes, or some such. Point being, that much of the loving was with paid lovers -- an acceptable thing in Viennese society at the time.

posted by: Isaac on 11.29.05 at 10:35 PM [permalink]

Schumpeter also dated a woman, Annie, who was no more than 17 years old ( I have seen some references that report she was even younger)when he was 37. They later married and he called her "the great wonder of his life".

posted by: Raymond Weklar on 11.29.05 at 10:35 PM [permalink]

Courtesy of Irwin Stezler, who seems curiously ignorant of how much of a disadvantage other countries' efficient national health care put GM at.

posted by: rilkefan on 11.29.05 at 10:35 PM [permalink]

GM put itself at a disadvantage by negotiating a health plan that was miles past generous (I have routinely dealt with UAW contracts billing for providers).

UAW members have routinely thrown away 1 year old eyeglasses because the contract guaranteed them a new pair every year (good for the Lions eye bank).

posted by: save_the_rustbelt on 11.29.05 at 10:35 PM [permalink]

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