Tuesday, December 6, 2005

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I'll be on the radio tonight

From 9-11 this evening I'll be one of the guests on Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg on WGN Radio this evening. The other guests will be the lovely and talented Eszter Hargittai and fellow U of C blogger Sean Carroll from Cosmic Variance.

[So whatcha gonna talk about?--ed. According to Milt's blog, "[they] will discuss their forays into blogging, examine blogs as a cultural phenomenon, and relate how their blogs have influenced their life and our world." Draw your own conclusions. UPDATE: Sean's conclusions: "the view of the blogosphere we'll be offering will doubtless be narrow and unrepresentative, but fascinating nonetheless." How can you pass that up?]

posted by Dan on 12.06.05 at 04:47 PM


That is super cool! Milt it the man, without question the most interesting interviewing in my opinion.

posted by: Mark Buehner on 12.06.05 at 04:47 PM [permalink]

Most blogs provide no balance in their discussions and tend to only cater to their audiences desire for "feel good news". I consider your's an exception. A lot of us want both sides, providing at least enough balance to keep the discussion honest. Your host tonight has wandered from what use to be an impeccable evenness in his program and blog to something less desirable. Half of us lose interest when this happens.

posted by: darbytomusa on 12.06.05 at 04:47 PM [permalink]


Obviously you forgot to negotiate your own multi-lateral agreement with Eszter since she's posted photos of the radio session on her blog: what, exactly are you doing with those headphones??? Whatever it is, the smile on your face speaks volumes (though Milt looks a wee discomfited).

posted by: aononymous on 12.06.05 at 04:47 PM [permalink]

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