Sunday, December 25, 2005

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A new front in the war on terror?

The global war on terror has many fronts -- including, apparently, the pages of the January 2006 issue of GQ magazine:

The person you see above is Wafah bin Ladin Dufour, the subject of a GQ story by George Gurley entitled, "It Isn't Easy Being the Sexy Bin Laden." From the article:
On a hot August afternoon, aspiring pop star Wafah Dufour walks into the media lunch hub Michael’s, in Midtown Manhattan. Accompanied by her publicist, Richard Valvo, the slender, exotic young woman with long dark hair in a high ponytail à la I Dream of Jeannie is dressed in a white tank top, green love beads, lacy miniskirt, and backless pumps. Conversations continue as heads look up to check her out.

Ms. Dufour passes by Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, who is lunching with designer Isaac Mizrahi, then stops at the next table to meet former Sony Music chairman Tommy Mottola and NBC head Jeff Zucker.

“You know Wafah bin Ladin?” Valvo asks the men loudly.

“Wafah Dufour,” she snaps, shooting him a look that’s more pleading than hostile.

Lest you think this is some attempt at a put-up job by a deep cover Al Qaeda agent, Gurley provides some additional info:
She has no contact with most of her relatives, including her father, doesn’t speak Arabic, has an American passport… The list goes on. “At the end of the day, I believe that the American people understand things and they have compassion and they see what’s fair,” she says. “They’re very fair, and that’s why I love America, and that’s why my mom loves America.”
The entire staff here at wishes Ms. Dufour the best of luck in all of her endeavours -- and we hope in particular that word reaches her notorious uncle. As Reuters reports, "Asked how he would react to her posing for racy pictures in a glossy magazine, she said, 'I think he would have a heart attack.'"

posted by Dan on 12.25.05 at 12:40 AM


Umm, that's her father who would have the heart attack, not her uncle.

posted by: Isaac on 12.25.05 at 12:40 AM [permalink]

Kha, beat you to this mate.

Frankly I don't think Wafa Dufour means jack in the larger scheme of things, but as a general matter she's probably a negative.

posted by: collounsbury on 12.25.05 at 12:40 AM [permalink]

Agree with collounsbury. A pretty good advert for the idea that greater Westernization = greater licentiousness/loose women running about.

posted by: Tequila on 12.25.05 at 12:40 AM [permalink]

Judging by those pictures, whatever else Ms. Dufour may be, shes not under deep cover.

posted by: erg on 12.25.05 at 12:40 AM [permalink]

Lol - I love it! Go Wafah!!

posted by: Aidan Maconachy on 12.25.05 at 12:40 AM [permalink]

If this is what Paradise looks like I'm in. Any chance Selma's there too

posted by: Robert M on 12.25.05 at 12:40 AM [permalink]

She is a bitch

posted by: Hohn on 12.25.05 at 12:40 AM [permalink]

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