Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Drezner's Third Law of Blog Motion

Every vituperative blogger will generate a blog reaction of equal and opposite rhetorical strength.

[With profuse apologies to Sir Isaac Newton--ed.]

UPDATE: In the interest of preventing a similar kind of reaction to this blog, do check out this post as well.

posted by Dan on 01.18.06 at 11:37 PM


I think that KBJ is either trolling or Captain Queeg in secret.

posted by: President Merkin Muffley on 01.18.06 at 11:37 PM [permalink]

The Internet is an amazing thing.

posted by: b. phillips on 01.18.06 at 11:37 PM [permalink]

Somebodys looking to become the next Noam.

posted by: Johnny Upton on 01.18.06 at 11:37 PM [permalink]

I'm glad neither I nor my children are enrolled in the University of Texas Law school. People with that level of hostility are bound to take it out on their students. "You got an "A" from Leiter in conracts? I'll take care of that."

I actually agree with Leiter's comments on the absurdity of the Allen execution. Was anyone else reminded of the scene in Blazing Saddles involving the hanging of the old guy in the wheelchair?

BTW, given the amount of blogging done by law professors, (Volokh, Althouse, instapundit) an observer wonders how these folks have so much time on their hands.

You, Mr. Drezner, are in poli sci so I'll give you a pass.

posted by: Art Hackett on 01.18.06 at 11:37 PM [permalink]

Welcome to the kindergarten that is academia.

posted by: ab on 01.18.06 at 11:37 PM [permalink]

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