Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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Michael Ignatieff.... elected official

Ten days ago I blogged about Harvard professor Michael Ignatieff's quixotic campaign for parliament seat in Canada, as a member of the Liberal Party..

Well, the elections were yesterday, and the Liberals didn't do so well, according to the Chicago Tribune:

Canadian voters, saying they were fed up with financial scandals and ready for a change, ended the 12-year run of the ruling Liberal Party on Monday, ousting Prime Minister Paul Martin in favor of a Conservative Party likely to steer a path closer to the United States.

Nearly complete returns in the national election gave a strong victory to Conservative leader Stephen Harper, 46, an economist and political strategist from western Canada who jokes about being dull.

He shrugged off Martin's accusations that he is too cozy with U.S. conservatives for liberal-leaning Canada--the same accusations that crippled his candidacy in 2004.

While this is bad news for the Liberal party, CTV reports that Ignatieff weathered the backlash against the party and is now an elected official:
Liberal Michael Ignatieff, touted as a potential future party leader, passed his first political test Monday, shaking off a campaign marred by accusations of opportunism and ethnic slurs to win a west Toronto riding.

The 58-year-old political neophyte and Harvard academic kept Etobicoke-Lakeshore in the Liberal fold, defeating Conservative John Capobianco and NDP candidate Liam McHugh-Russell.

The Ignatieff win took on a new significance after Liberal Leader Paul Martin said early Tuesday he would soon step down.

"Now he's got to stick around and live up to the expectations that he might be the leader-in-waiting,'' said David Docherty, a political science professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont.

Ignaieff must now suffer the cruel fate of having political scientists talk about him in the media. [Could be worse..... could be bloggers!--ed.]

posted by Dan on 01.24.06 at 10:38 AM


Thing about Ignatieff is that he ran in a Liberal riding... The Liberals could have run a donkey in that riding and still won. Toronto votes Liberal.

Also, the Liberals did quite well last night - they should have been wiped out after their run of scandals recently, but they won 103 of 308 seats. This is especially impressive since they had no real platform to speak of (their platform was 85 pages consisting mostly of highlights of their 13 years in office) and they ran quite possibly the (2nd) worst campaign in recent memory.

How my fellow Canadians could vote for these crooks again is beyond me, but hopefully Mr. Harper's election will prove to be more like 1957 (prelude to a majority) and less like 1979 (prelude to an embarassing defeat).

posted by: Ian on 01.24.06 at 10:38 AM [permalink]

Could be worse? Where have you been he has been the talk of the blogs in Canada. C A N A D A you know that country north of you. The one with more computers and internet connections per household than you have? Cold dark winters, make the internet the perfect device for geographically challeged shut-ins. Canadian Bloggers have been dissing Ignatieff from the right and left. Remember Anti-Americanism is our second favorite sport.

posted by: Eugene Plawiuk on 01.24.06 at 10:38 AM [permalink]

Did anybody know that Bloc Quebcois has a kick ass theme song? Check it out here: http://www.blocquebecois.org/fr/themes_pub.asp

You can download the mp3 by clicking the link 'Chanson "Heureusement"'.

They may be a bunch of nutters, but apparently they now how to RAWK!

posted by: Don Mynack on 01.24.06 at 10:38 AM [permalink]

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