Friday, January 27, 2006

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Tom Friedman faux pas watch!

David Rothkopf is blogging about the Davos Economic Forum for Foreign Policy's web site. I bring this up because Rothkopf caught the ultimate moderator faux pas earlier this week:

Late this afternoon, there was a packed session chaired by Tom Friedman that included Queen Rania of Jordan, Pakistan’s President Musharraf, Afghanistan’s President Karzai, and Hajim Alhasani, President of the Iraqi National Assembly. The topic was Muslim societies in the modern world, but the discussion was wide ranging. There was a uniformly negative reaction to Iran getting nuclear weapons—highlighted by the awkward moment when, after arguing that no nations in the region should have nuclear weapons, Friedman realized that sitting four feet away from him was Musharraf, who does.
UPDATE: Turns out Foreign Policy was in error, and it was Karzai and not Friedman who made the faux pas. See here for more.

posted by Dan on 01.27.06 at 05:41 PM


Um ... um ... define "region"!!??

posted by: Anderson on 01.27.06 at 05:41 PM [permalink]

Does Israel count?

posted by: cllam on 01.27.06 at 05:41 PM [permalink]

No nations in the region should have nukes. Musharraf having nukes is bad. It just feeds my irrational fears of proliferation.

posted by: Daniel (not drezner) on 01.27.06 at 05:41 PM [permalink]

Is it that bad to say the region should be (eventually) free of nukes? Wouldn't everyone love it if India and Pakistan and Israel and Iran all got along well enough that they didn't need them? I wasn't there, but I imagine that's what Friedman meant, which isn't history's greatest faux pas.

posted by: Contributor A on 01.27.06 at 05:41 PM [permalink]

The fact that the session was chaired by Thomas Friedman is a ridiculous faux pas in itself.

posted by: Barry on 01.27.06 at 05:41 PM [permalink]

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posted by: wgpd zewmilj on 01.27.06 at 05:41 PM [permalink]

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