Monday, February 6, 2006

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Super Dud XL

Yesterday afternoon, I was thinking that the Super Bowl had recently been on a decent run of gripping games. Between 2000 and 2005, three of the contests (St. Louis/Tennessee, New England/St. Louis, New England/Carolina) had been pretty gripping games, a vast improvement over the Super Bowls I remembered from childhood.

So much for the nice run -- this one was a stinker punctuated by the occasional nifty play. How much of a stinker? The lead Chicago Tribune sports columnist wrote an entire article about a play that wound up not affecting the final outcome.

As for the ads -- well, to quote Kieran Healy, "I hope next year Burger King Corporation just make a pile of 2 million dollar bills and set it on fire, rather than taking the roundabout method of pointlessly wasting money they opted for this year." On the upside, I did win $100 from a friend who was convinced that Karl Malden had appeared in one of the NFL Mobile ads.

posted by Dan on 02.06.06 at 10:22 AM


I think I'm the only straight male in America who has no interest whatsoever in the Super (Stupid) Bowl.

It always seems to not live up to people's expectations.

Further, the supposed benefits the Stupid Bowl bring to its host city seem as ephemeral as the benefits the Olympics bring to their host city.

I don't understand the appeal. And the mass consumer items advertised (Budweiser, Burger King, etc.) will never find me as a customer.

To each their own as they say.

posted by: Dave on 02.06.06 at 10:22 AM [permalink]

The 'benefits' of the Super Bowl are even more emphermal than the benefits of the Olympics. Apart from the (debateable) benefits of improved sporting venues, a Summer Olympics invariably results in large improvements to the infrastructure of public transportation in the host city. No such virtue to the Super Bowl....

posted by: Don Stadler on 02.06.06 at 10:22 AM [permalink]

I thought it was a decent game (certainly far better than the Conference Championships), with the outcome still in doubt in the third quarter and several momentum shifts. Admittedly, I grew up in Pittsburgh, so I did care about the outcome somewhat (more of a NY Giants fan, though -- ugh). Certainly, neither team was particularly good (let alone Super Bowl caliber), but that's what you get in this age of socialist parity.

But yeah, the most entertainment moment of the whole thing was when all the Super Bowl MVPs were being introduced and hearing the crowd boo Larry Brown. :)

posted by: fling93 on 02.06.06 at 10:22 AM [permalink]

Don: It does, however, pour millions into the city and help finance new sports stadia for the local NFL franchise.

posted by: James Joyner on 02.06.06 at 10:22 AM [permalink]

stolen by the refs, the worst officiated super bowl.

posted by: mickslam on 02.06.06 at 10:22 AM [permalink]

Go Steelers!

And what was up with that Burger King thing? BK needs some Clydesdales next year.

posted by: save_the_rustbelt on 02.06.06 at 10:22 AM [permalink]

THis year's BK commercial was just silly. Last year's was silly, too, but had the redeeming quality of some serious sexual undertones... or am I just channelling Tom Lehrer?

posted by: bud on 02.06.06 at 10:22 AM [permalink]

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