Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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So what are you going to watch?

At six o'clock this evening EDT, you have a choice -- you could watch Vice President Dick Cheney's interview with Brit Hume on Fox News..... or watch me talk about offshore outsourcing on CNN International's Insight?

I thought so.

[You do realize most Americans can't get CNN International--ed. It was a rhetorical question... and I got my hypothetical rhetorical answer.]

posted by Dan on 02.15.06 at 04:47 PM


Those without cable get neither Fox News nor CNN International.

posted by: anonymous on 02.15.06 at 04:47 PM [permalink]

My DVR comes with the option of recording 2 shows at once. I win!

posted by: Chris Albon on 02.15.06 at 04:47 PM [permalink]

Here's a tip, Dan: you shoot someone and them go on the air to talk about offshoring, your audience goes way up, guaranteed.

posted by: Zathras on 02.15.06 at 04:47 PM [permalink]


I just saw this post and have switched from Fox to CNN at 11pm UK time (which I asssume is 6pm EDT)
One vote for you :-)

posted by: Raj on 02.15.06 at 04:47 PM [permalink]

You are correct, I dont have cnn intl. I did at one time..what happened?

posted by: centrist on 02.15.06 at 04:47 PM [permalink]

So will you post the transcript?

posted by: save_the_rustbelt on 02.15.06 at 04:47 PM [permalink]

Saw your segment on CNN from China and want to buy the book, however, my online searches are finding nothing. Any suggestions?

posted by: C.McKelvy on 02.15.06 at 04:47 PM [permalink]


saw most of the segment which was very interesting.
However, in the interview you stated that most of the work being outsourced was low end stuff (I believe you said that the average salary of an outsourced job was lesss than the median US salary)

However, whilt this covers the contact centre work I am not so certain that this applies to software.
My wife works for a company here in the UK that often tenders for local authority software projects. Nowadays the winning bid is often from Insosys or Tata.
Does this not count as outsourcing as it is projects being won by Indian companies rather then actaul permanent jobs being created in India?

posted by: Raj on 02.15.06 at 04:47 PM [permalink]

Trust me, DD, had I been in front of a TV, I'd have picked you over Cheney.

Of course, I would've also picked David Duke over Cheney, or Pat Robertson over Cheney. But you should still feel kind of good about it.

posted by: Anderson on 02.15.06 at 04:47 PM [permalink]

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