Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Anti-semitic cartoon contest!!!

Well, after the whole cartoon flap over Mohammed, and the Iranian decision to hold a contest on the best cartoon mocking the Holocaust, you knew this was just a matter of time:

Amitai Sandy (29), graphic artist and publisher of Dimona Comix Publishing, from Tel-Aviv, Israel, has followed the unfolding of the “Muhammad cartoon-gate” events in amazement, until finally he came up with the right answer to all this insanity - and so he announced today the launch of a new anti-Semitic cartoons contest - this time drawn by Jews themselves!

“We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published!” said Sandy “No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!”

The contest has been announced today on the website, and the initiator accept submissions of cartoons, caricatures and short comic strips from people all over the world. The deadline is Sunday March 5, and the best works will be displayed in an Exhibition in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Sandy is now in the process of arranging sponsorships of large organizations, and promises lucrative prizes for the winners, including of course the famous Matzo-bread baked with the blood of Christian children.

Mmmmm.... blood-soaked matzot.

Sandy has a running start on this. Today he was interviewed by Terry Gross for NPR's Fresh Air . Entries are starting to trickle in -- here's one of the first entries:

Furthermore, noted Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt has already agreed to be one judge.

If Sandy needs another judge, I'd be happy to volunteer. I have a Ph.D., I love cartoons, and as my darling wife said when she pointed out this story to me, "you're a prominent Jew in the blogosphere!"

UPDATE: This isn't as cool as the cartoon contest, but on a related note, the editors of PS: Political Science and Politics are calling for papers on The State of the Editorial Cartoon:

The editors of PS: Political Science and Politics invite contributions to a symposium on the state of the editorial cartoon. The symposium will explore the current condition of editorial cartooning, with an emphasis on daily newspaper editorial cartoons but encompassing politically minded weekly newspaper cartoons, magazine cartoons, comic strips, and web comics. The editors invite informed essays that advance our empirical, historical, and theoretical appreciation for editorial cartoons as art, politics, and culture.

The dramatic worldwide protests over the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad are only partly about the cartoons themselves, of course. Yet the protests underscore the fact that editorial cartoons are or can be of immense political and social significance.

In recent years, political scientists have had relatively little to say about the history, form, ideology, and political economy of editorial cartooning. This symposium will bring together political scientists and other scholars to help situate editorial cartooning in relation to political communication and political conflict.

posted by Dan on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM


Not that I want to steal any thunder for this great idea, but I had already put up my own anti-semetic cartoon to mock the Iranians last week...

It must be part of being a Jew that we are so used to being the target of attacks and insults that we've learned that laughing at our enemies is the best revenge (and if that doesn't work, bring out the weapons).

posted by: Zhid on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

This is no surprise. I've always heard the best Jew jokes from Jews.

posted by: perianwyr on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

At first I was moritifed by this. But then I remembered: years ago, at a wedding, I asked a ~80 yr old Jewish couple what wisdom they had learned in their years that they want would pass on to the younger generations, what was their advice for getting through life? After a few false starts, they both suddenly beamed and said with great authority: "always keep your sense of humor!". So I will...and darnit, it works

posted by: jprime314 on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

That is a very very good editorial cartoon. I don't know how many levels it works on, and it is funny.

posted by: mac on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

this is all just very sad. why don't you make fun of rwanda and aids and famine, the my lai massacre and palestinian suffering, darfur and burma while you are at it. why do you want to drop to that level? it is just not funny, or worth it.

posted by: joe m on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

Leo Rosten’s "The Joy of Yiddish" was republished recently. Somebody should submit the whole thing....clear winner of any such contest.

posted by: Tim Worstall on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

Why are so many around the world so focused on who has done them wrong? The real winners in life aren't those who don't get abused--we are all abused in various ways all through our lives--life is tough. The real winners are those who are strong enough to resist the impulse to smash, burn or abuse the nearest target.

posted by: wet sailor on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

"you're a prominent Jew in the blogosphere!"

Well damn, I learn something new every day.
However, I DID already know you were a prominent bloggy.

posted by: Dan Pursel on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM [permalink]


posted by: centrist on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

It's times like this I've never been more proud to be Jew..

...oh wait, I'm not a Jew. Damnit.

posted by: John Kneeland on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

What they ought to do is get all the Jewish interviewees from The Aristocrats and have a contest for the best anti-Semitic stand-up material. Then run it on al-Jazeera.

Jeez, has no one in the Arab world ever seen "The Producers"?

posted by: KaneCitizen on 02.16.06 at 09:47 PM [permalink]

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