Monday, March 6, 2006

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I get around...

One of the virtues of driving cross country several times is that you can produce this map:

create your own visited states map

[Yeah, but you study international relations. What about the rest of the world?--ed.] Then you get this map:

create your own visited countries map

One of my goals in life is to color in a lot of the white space south of the equator.

Hat tip: Daniel Nexon.

posted by Dan on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM


You drove to Hawaii?

posted by: Norman Pfyster on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

Sounds pretty cool. I've been to half the states including Alaska and Hawaii. Europe, South America. Always glad to get back home, though. Kind of a deep relief, like feeling free again. Traveling's one kind of freedom, but you've always gotta be a little wary.

posted by: Buffy on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

You've never been to Israel?

I have a couch in Jerusalem just waiting for you! (Although you probably would be more comfortable at one of the hotels nearby!)

posted by: amechad on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

North Dakota has the world's largest drag line, and the world's largest earthen dam. It is a beautiful place and Theodore Roosevelt National Park is right out of the 1950s. You can drive right up and try to pet a bison, and I've seen the wackos do it. During rutting season. I urge you to go on your way out of Chicago.

posted by: Richard Heddleson on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

And don't forget ND is the world's third largest nuclear power. I spent three years of my life tending to those beasts.

posted by: DC Loser on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

As a former (thankfully not current!) ND resident, I can feel safe in asserting that Dan hasn't missed much. TRNP is ok, and looks even better in comparison to the rest of the state, in that is isn't flat. Still, I find ND's best virtues were (1) it's a good place to put nuclear missile silos, since any counterforce strikes wouldn't hit anything of particular value and (2) it's a relatively flat and painless way to get from, say, Minnesota to Montana, states that one might actually want to visit.

posted by: Tom on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

Or if you're really hardcore, create a map of all the U.S. counties you've been to:

posted by: toast on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

Never been to Ireland? You are missin out!

posted by: Gavin on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

What Tom said. You know what Custer's last words were?

"At least I don't have to go back to North Dakota!"

My first time in ND I was staying at the Holiday Inn in Bismarck. I checked in at 2 p.m. and immediately went down to the resstaurant only to be told it was closed. I was told that there was an A & W across the street, so I went there and went to the front counter, where the young woman working there advised me that I should choose a table and sit down and she would come take my order.

I sat at the opposite end of the restaurant from the counter and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, I glanced in her direction and saw her gesticulating wildly with a phone in her hand. I suddenly noticed a small receiver on the table. I picked it up, whereupon she asked me for my order. A few minutes later she skated up to me with one of those change makers on her waist and delivered my food. I was the only person there at the time.

This was five years before Fargo.

posted by: Randy Paul on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

Hey, I've been to one country Dan hasn't! High school field trip to Nuevo Laredo. Sadly, that's the only foreign country on my list. Gotta work on that. And more states, too - I've seen Texas, most of the Southeast (born in Bama) and Kansas and Missouri almost simultaneously.

I use the "visited nations" generator to map all the nations represented on my blogroll - about 40 of 'em.

posted by: Alan K. Henderson on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

Dan, when were you in Belarus? And Kazakhstan? Out touring Soviet missile-launching places while skipping North Dakota?

posted by: Doug on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

You've never been to Mongolia? Mongolia has many warm and friendly yaks to visit with.

posted by: Michael Carroll on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

You've been to every single country in Turkestan?

posted by: David Weman on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

Fistful of Euros guys: I travelled all around the FSU during and after my stint as a lecturer in Ukraine in 1993.

I haven't been to ALL of Turkestan, however -- I missed Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan.

posted by: Dan Drezner on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

This is so funny because my brother and I just played this game last week--limiting it to the US because my international travel far exceeds his. We did have one criteria: you had to sleep in the state. A drive-by doesn't count.

Would your US map still be so colorful? (Who sleeps in DE?)

posted by: Macaroni on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

Dan -- you've never been to Israel??

posted by: Joel Bloom on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

Come see us in the United Arab Emirates. (American University of Sharjah.) Or have you been to Dubai or Abu Dhabi and is it just too small to see the contrast?

If you visit just one city do you get to color in the whole country? Then go for Saudi and Brazil next. That would make a big impression.

From the UAE it's easy to skip over to India, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Oman, Yemen. Yemen's next on my list. Spring Break in Sanaa. Ah. Jordan is lovely this time of year, too.

posted by: John B. Chilton on 03.06.06 at 12:57 PM [permalink]

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