Tuesday, March 7, 2006

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Blegging for help when the web works against me

I'm having two difficulties with the blog right now, and I'm appealing to the techies in the crowd for help:

1) The comment spam has become unbearable since upgrading my Moveable Type software, because it required me to get rid of MT-Blacklist. It's been suggested that the only way for me to fix this is to use Typekey, but I'd rather not foce my commenters to register. Is there an anti-spam plug-in I can use?

2) The New York Times' Opinionator has apparently linked to my post on income inequality, but since I don't subscribe, I have no friggin' clue what they've said. Will someone with a subscription please post what was said in the comments?

I bleg you, good people -- help out this poor, befuddled blogger.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for the assistance. Tthere may be some technical difficulties as I try to install some of these spam blockers.

posted by Dan on 03.07.06 at 09:09 AM


Here you go -

"University of Chicago political scientist Daniel W. Drezner ponders why Americans don't care about the dizzyingly unequal distribution of income in the United States."

posted by: Doc on 03.07.06 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Here's a very effective anti-spam measure.

posted by: David Weman on 03.07.06 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Captcha solutions for Movable Type...

posted by: Ernie Oporto on 03.07.06 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

There are no comments in the NYTimes section.

University of Chicago political scientist Daniel W. Drezner ponders why Americans don’t care about “the dizzyingly unequal distribution of income in the United States.”

It just hyperlinks back to your page.

posted by: Kevin on 03.07.06 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

You are using SpamLookup, right? Should come pre-installed with MT 3.2. Have you checked out the configuration and set everything the way you want?

Also, what kind of spam are you getting? For the past several days, my own blog has been deluged with a very strange and specific kind of spam that defeats my MT-Blacklist filters because it does not link to spam web sites. The flood includes dozens upon dozens of spams each day with 3-4 links in each, but the links are to innocuous sites, like movie, news, or education sites. The IP addresses and email addresses (all faked) vary for each spam, so my usual filters can't latch on to anything. I am currently filtering them by temporarily setting SpamLookup to block any comment with more than one URL, and will set it back up to three when this current flood subsides.

My point, however, is that if your spam flood is of this type, then maybe it's not MT but rather the special type of spam that's causing the deluge.

posted by: Luis on 03.07.06 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Dan, note that I updated my post, I missed a step.

posted by: David Weman on 03.07.06 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Registration is OK with me.

posted by: Richard Heddleson on 03.07.06 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

Dan, most of the comment spam I receive on my blog is for older entries, but we get a lot of it, and much of it slips through our spam filter and goes straight to publish, instead of being moderated. So we're trying out this plugin, which automatically pushes comments on old entries (you specify the time limit) to moderation. I don't mind moderating comments as long as I don't have to unpublish previously deleted stuff. If you're the same way, might this be a solution for you?

posted by: Matt on 03.07.06 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

I saw this on another blog... I hope this helps
For those of you using Movable Type, you may have noticed quite a uptick in the last week of spam. This spammer (and yes, the signature points to just one) is wily enough to evade most of SpamLookup's default tests. He is not, however, invincible.

First, assuming you're using Movable Type 3.2 and SpamLookup, you can make your life a whole lot better if you go to Weblog » Settings » Plugins » SpamLookup - Keyword Filters and put the following into your Keywords to Junk:

Probaly you should read this
Second, if you haven't already, you should turn on TypeKey authentication and offer it in addition to un-authenticated comments. Then, turn on Publish Immediately for authenticated commenters in your weblog's Feedback settings. What this does is make sure that spam is never, ever, ever published. The worst that can happen is you get a a bunch of spams that are not junked, but are also not published.

Under this setup, many people will authenticate for the added reason of the immediacy of publishing their comment. Those who don't want to authenticate via TypeKey have to wait until you approve their comments, but that's an extremely small price to pay for the ridiculously wonderful peace of mind that you get from knowing that no matter what happens while you're away from your blog, spammers don't make a dent. Having just comeback from a week's vacation in New Orleans, I can tell you, this is bliss...

On a related note, I will be releasing my first plugin in a long, long time. It also happens to be my second anti-spam plugin. It will make you smile...


posted by: Ervin Parker on 03.07.06 at 09:09 AM [permalink]

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