Wednesday, March 8, 2006

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Virginia Postrel is my hero

Click here and here for why.

And it's nice to see that her writing talents are also getting their due.

posted by Dan on 03.08.06 at 09:14 AM


Mine too. But she was mine before this.

posted by: Zathras on 03.08.06 at 09:14 AM [permalink]

I agree with you. She is my Hero too!

posted by: Eleanor Flavin on 03.08.06 at 09:14 AM [permalink]

Actually she mentions this bit about kidney transplant donors living normal lives. The studies indicate that transplant donors actually have lower mortality than the rest of us due to the close medical that they recieve.

It is incredible that she did that, but happily we won't have to worry about her health.

posted by: Jake Young on 03.08.06 at 09:14 AM [permalink]

I guess it would have to be someone you really cared about.

posted by: Sissy Willis on 03.08.06 at 09:14 AM [permalink]

Mine too -

posted by: Susan Carraher on 03.08.06 at 09:14 AM [permalink]

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