Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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Now the circle is almost complete....

I'm just gonna reprint this UPI report in its entirety and not say anything:

"Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker and "Jack & Bobby" writer Vanessa Taylor are developing a new HBO comedy based on "Washingtonienne."

Parker and Taylor will executive produce the half-hour comedy based on the steamy novel by Jessica Cutler, Daily Variety reported Wednesday. Cutler will act as a consultant to the project.

Parker is not expected to appear on the show, the first from her Pretty Matches Productions, Variety said.

Although the show is in its very early stages, Taylor told Variety to expect "a morally ambiguous" and "controversial character."

[You're really not going to say anything?--ed. Nothing.... except to ponder when Ana Marie Cox's novel will get optioned into a TV movie starring Alicia Witt. Then thecircle will be truly complete.]

posted by Dan on 03.15.06 at 09:35 PM


It is a fact universally acknowledged among men that New York has an elan and sophistication utterly absent in D.C.

This sounds like a show to skip.

posted by: Dave on 03.15.06 at 09:35 PM [permalink]

I vote for Kristin Kreuk to play Jessica Cutler.

posted by: Charlie (Colorado) on 03.15.06 at 09:35 PM [permalink]

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