Monday, March 20, 2006

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I always suspected this was true
As the bookie commissioner of an illegal gambling operation the TAP March madness pool.... it seems there is an inverse correlation between NCAA clairvoyance and grasping the minutiae of US health care policy.
Well, at least among liberals, anyway. Among conservatives, I suspect there's an inverse correlation between performance in baseball rotisserie leagues and comprehension of the Quadrennial Defense Reviews.

[So how are you doing in your March Madness pool, smart guy?--ed. My correct upset predictions (Montana over Nevada, and Georgetown over Ohio State) have kept me in the running despite some excessive loyalty to the Land of Lincoln (F#$%ing Salukis; should have picked Bradley instead). I'm told that if my prediction of Florida making it to the Final Four comes true, I'll be sitting pretty.]

posted by Dan on 03.20.06 at 09:24 PM


I've got 12 of 16 sweet sixteen teams. And here's my breakdown of the QDR:

posted by: Chris on 03.20.06 at 09:24 PM [permalink]

Good luck with your madness pool. I already got dumped by my loyalty to UK. Sigh. There's always next year.

posted by: Pet Lover on 03.20.06 at 09:24 PM [permalink]

Booyaa.. Don't worry.. UF won't let you down.
While this is a little late yet before their sweet 16 game. you shoulda picked em to go to the finals.

Now of course I'm watching Mr T on Conan.. this is a weird night indeed. Go Gators!!!

posted by: andrew on 03.20.06 at 09:24 PM [permalink]

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