Thursday, March 23, 2006

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The new axis of evil

I refer, of course, to the New York Yankees and trademark lawyers.'s Darren Rovell has an amusing story about one lone financial planner's fight to the death against these forces of evil:

Mike Moorby hates the Yankees. And except for the fact that they haven't won the World Series for five straight seasons (Moorby loves that about them), the Yankees keep giving him reasons to hate them.

Now, they're messing with a little bit of his livelihood.

Moorby, a 38-year-old financial advisor from New Jersey, proudly admits that he feels as good when he sees the Yankees lose as he did when he saw the Red Sox win it all in 2004. In fact, he hates the Yankees so much that he started a side business, creating memorabilia for other pinstripe haters. Inspired by the pain of Aaron Boone's home run that prevented his Red Sox, yet again, from reaching the World Series in 2003, Moorby drew up a logo that features the interlocking letters "YH" (Yankee Hater) with devil horns.

The fledgling enterprise (Moorby's Yankee Hater company is called Rebel Forces LLC) sent a bunch of hats with the YH logo to then-Red Sox first baseman Kevin Millar early in 2004; and in April of that year, a Boston Herald photographer shot a picture of the team's new ace, Curt Schilling, wearing one of them at a Boston Bruins' game. It was an immediate credibility boost.

Without a single piece of advertising, Moorby soon was selling hats from his Web site to people in all 50 states, and a handful of orders were coming from Europe and Asia. By now, business isn't quite as brisk, but Moorby says he gets at least one order a day.

Not surprisingly, the baseball establishment in New York didn't take kindly to Moorby's Yankee Hater merchandise. He says staying in business has meant tearing up a cease-and-desist letter from Major League Baseball; and he claims he has spent all his profits, appropriately, fighting the Yankees themselves, who opposed his trademark application that used the stylized Yankees "Y" in it. If things stay on schedule, final proceedings concerning the merit of Moorby's trademark will go before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board before the end of the year.

"I'm not going to go out with a whimper," says a defiant Moorby. "Plus, how many times in life do you actually get to play against a team that you hate so much? Who would imagine that [he] would ever go face-to-face with the beast? Well, I am doing that right now."

I think I might just have to order myself a hat.

posted by Dan on 03.23.06 at 04:45 PM


Why is there so much loathing of the Yankees , EVEN NOW?? After beating your most hated rival in the best possible way - after making your enemy go through the WORST POSSIBLE WAY TO lose a 7 game series, what more do you want? How much more of this hatred is going to be passed on to future generations of New Englanders?

I am a Yankees fan who came to the US six years back as a student to the State Univ of NY at Buffalo- The(Subway)World Series was going on at that time - i picked up the game from then on and almost immediately came to know of Babe Ruth and all the history between the two teams. I am from India and i KNOW what a game against your most hated rival (pakistan) can mean. We fought four wars between us and as any one can see there's no love lost between us. But at the very least, we are people from two Different countries.

What i was amazed by and still continue to be amazed by is how a baseball game between two teams from the SAME country can evoke so much passion, loathing and hatred between fans of the two sides ?

And what do you think abt Johnny Damon? I would love to hear from a free market supporter like you who would see nothing wrong in a person going to work for an employer who pays more as opposed to being a loyal fan of the Sox who now HATES Damon. Which of the two are you?

Some one from Harvard/MIT should conduct a study to look into this rivalry and how it can evoke such strong feelings. but then again this study may be biased :-) May be CalTech/Stanford should do this - oh wait a minute, Dodgers Hate us too.
Who doesnt?

Go Yanks!! Beat those Boston Red Suckkkks ;-)

posted by: Nagarajan Sivakumar on 03.23.06 at 04:45 PM [permalink]

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