Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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Mnew blog

Seth Mnookin has started up a blog on his web site that's worth checking out if you like the Boston Red Sox, baseball in general, and savvy media criticism.

[Besides you, who's interested in that stuff?--ed. Um... I'm guessing David Pinto, Bill Simmons, and maybe Mickey Kaus if he likes baseball. That's at least three. It's a trend, then!!--ed.]

UPDATE: In other blog news, Matthew Yglesias is clearly making a buck off of his blogging and discovers to his irritation that he has to pay the government some of it.

posted by Dan on 06.14.06 at 01:51 PM


Seems many are for 'progressive' taxation and social engineering through tax codes, until they are the ones who must enter the labyrinth.

Will Yglesias catch flat tax fever?

posted by: XWL on 06.14.06 at 01:51 PM [permalink]

Thanks for the link! I sure Mickey will like the Raines post.

posted by: David Pinto on 06.14.06 at 01:51 PM [permalink]

Yglesias- another mugged liberal.

posted by: Tom on 06.14.06 at 01:51 PM [permalink]

go to now and read this now

posted by: steve on 06.14.06 at 01:51 PM [permalink]

I'm irritated that I need to pay tax quarterly. That's annoying. I'm happy to pay the money.

posted by: Matthew Yglesias on 06.14.06 at 01:51 PM [permalink]

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