Sunday, June 25, 2006

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Are you addicted to A Capella?

There is help. And I'm proud to say that my alma mater is at the forefront of this disorder that plagues at least 30% of all graduates of northweastern liberal arts colleges.

Click here for a useful (and entertaining) infomercial.

posted by Dan on 06.25.06 at 12:13 PM


Professor Drezner is on YouTube looking up "springstreeters?"

posted by: OpalSMC on 06.25.06 at 12:13 PM [permalink]

Wouldn't th better question be -- who isn't addicted to Capella! LOL!

posted by: nancy on 06.25.06 at 12:13 PM [permalink]

After that Connie Chung thing I'm not clicking on any more of Dan Drezner's musical links.

posted by: Zathras on 06.25.06 at 12:13 PM [permalink]

Well you would have better asked that who alll have been addicted to Capella? That would have sond better and easy for others.

posted by: Billy on 06.25.06 at 12:13 PM [permalink]

Them demmed nurtheaster liburls! Always doing that perverted stuff.

I sing along to Handel's Messiah - which really earns me weird looks when I'm at the concert hall...

posted by: Don S on 06.25.06 at 12:13 PM [permalink]

Meddle not in the affairs of bards, for your name is silly and scans to Greensleeves

posted by: Alan Kellogg on 06.25.06 at 12:13 PM [permalink]

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