Friday, July 28, 2006

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My diavlog debut

For months, nay, years, the hard-working staff here at has begged yours truly to start paying them join the vlogging revolution.

Your humble blogger has finally made the plunge... on To see me debate Nonzero author Robert Wright on the Middle East, Doha, the clash of civilizations, "progressive realism," and sportswriting, click here.

posted by Dan on 07.28.06 at 11:56 AM


I did not think I would enjoy it, but after 2 minutes I was engrossed. Great job. That is exactly the kind of debate the main stream media is lacking.

posted by: Chris Albon on 07.28.06 at 11:56 AM [permalink]

First time I've watched one of these. (Any idea why I had to leave Firefox and go to IExplorer?) After a bit I did what I do with TV on the PC--hide the picture, listen to the sound and work elsewhere until I interrupted the feed with another program. My reaction--I think I prefer print, but then I'm old. I'm curious--what's the difference between writing for the blog and talking on a diavlog for you as a content provider?

posted by: Bill Harshaw on 07.28.06 at 11:56 AM [permalink]

Re: Boston Red Sox Sportswriting

Having lived in the Boston area for 30 years, I still have the nightmare recollection of the Quinn Buckner bobble and the year the Sox blew a ten-game lead to the hated Yankees.

To me, the handwringing you refer to is simply Boston sportswriters playing on the fans' fear of yet another end of seaason heartbreak.

The ghosts of seasons past will probably never be laid to rest.


posted by: Antonio Manetti on 07.28.06 at 11:56 AM [permalink]

realists, i think, would side against a deal:

"For all who have opposed Pakistan's nuclear program over the years - including myself - the US-India nuclear agreement may probably be the worst thing that has happened in a long time... Pakistan is bound to react - and react badly - once US nuclear materials and equipment starting rolling into India."

cf. Security in Asia: The trouble with Pakistan - A country that everyone should worry about

posted by: post pc on 07.28.06 at 11:56 AM [permalink]


I was quite impressed with your debut. I emailed telling them how well I thought that your discussion went.

What was great about the discussion was that you did not seem to argue over petty issues, which Mickey and Bob have a tendency to do. You guys let the conversation progress quite nicely and challenged each other only at major points.

I also thought that the discussion on the WTO was very interesting. There are not many places where such topics are discussed in detail.

posted by: Eddie Tejeda on 07.28.06 at 11:56 AM [permalink]

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